Finding a Reliable Rheem Gas Heater Service Near You

rheem gas heater service near me

Rheem Gas Heater Service: A Guide by Regency Plumbing When it comes to ensuring the comfort and warmth of your home, a reliable gas heater plays a crucial role, especially during chilly seasons. For homeowners relying on Rheem gas heaters, timely maintenance and professional servicing are paramount to ensure optimal performance and safety. If you’re […]

Expert Gas Califont Solutions in NZ: Your Key to Efficient Hot Water

gas califont

Gas Califont NZ… All you need to know! Are you considering upgrading to a gas califont for efficient hot water supply in your NZ home? Look no further than Regency Plumbing for top-notch solutions tailored to your needs. In this guide, we’ll delve into the benefits of gas califonts, the installation process, and how Regency […]

The Benefits of Having a Gas Fireplace in Your Home

Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing Gas Fireplace Outdoor Heating

Having a gas fireplace in your home in NZ is a great way to provide a practical heating option to your house while also enjoying the design aesthetics of a fireplace. Having a fireplace, however, is also something that raises a few concerns from people not used to having a fireplace in the home.
We look here at the benefits of having a gas fireplace in your home.

How Rinnai gas heaters work?

rinnai gas hot water heaters

Let’s talk Rinnai INFINITY® AUCKLAND Have you ever noticed just how much space your electric water cylinder takes up in your home (or even outside of it)? Not only do they take up a large amount of space, but at times do not provide you with satisfactory pressure, and can also put a limit to your […]

Radiators – A Great Option For Villas?

large vertical radiator

After a number of calls from Villa owners asking why everyone is moving to radiators again I thought maybe I should attempt to answer the question for the benefit of all Villa and Bungalow owners. Radiators in Villas The majority of Villas and Bungalows are found in the older more established parts of Auckland, many […]

Rinnai Gas Fires – Why Are They So Popular?

rinnai gas fires

RINNAI GAS FIRES We have a number of our customers asking us about Rinnai gas fires. They want to know why they are so popular, and more about gas fires in general. They are often contemplating removing their old wood fire and upgrading to a gas fire. Gas fires are a great option to consider. […]

Rinnai Gas Heater – Effective Gas Heating

energy saver - rinnai gas heater - regency plumbing

RINNAI GAS HEATER A great way to heat your home is with the Rinnai gas heater. The gas heater is well worth considering when you need effective and efficient heating. In many cases there is no better way to provide real warmth to your home than with a Rinnai gas heater.   With an extensive […]