Solar Hot Water! Is it the Best Hot Water System For Your Forever Home?

Solar Hot Water Systems come at a significant cost at the initial set up stage, however after many years of hot water usage, having solar heated hot water can save you a huge amount of money.

If you are building a home you want to live in for years and get great payback over time, consider using a solar hot water system.

If you have a swimming pool which is mostly too cold to get into, once again solar heating can be a brilliant option. Fit the solar collectors on your roof, run some pipes back to the pool, and you are making your pool a whole lot more usable for a far more extended summer. Make your home more cost effective and your swimming pool more usable with solar hot water heating today.

solar hot water for your forever home - get good advice on solar

Solar Hot Water Options – by Rheem NZ

Many different types of solar hot water heaters and solar systems are installed around Auckland, however mostly at Regency Plumbing we have we installed the Rheem systems.

Rheem Premier Solar is an indirect solar water heater. Designed for a wide range of environments and suitable for most water qualities. It combines revolutionary drain back heat exchange technology in a durable vitreous enamel lined mains pressure cylinder. A fully integrated system, electronic controls and sensing of the collectors ensures the available energy is used in the most effective way. This combined with Rheem high efficiency collectors, this system can cut water heating energy consumption by up to 70%. This means lower costs and reduced carbon footprint. The slim line collectors are roof mounted, while the larger capacity storage cylinder is located at ground level indoors or outdoors.

solar hot water system - solar by rheem nz

Solar Hot Water Maintenance – Valve Failure

As a general plumbing company doing new installations and repairs, we find solar hot water systems to be an option that requires a lot of maintenance.

As the unit works in extreme conditions due to the uncontrollable elements like the sun which has no respect to product, system failures, and blown valves are common issues.

One of the negatives of solar hot water is the excessive cost for the initial installation, and then a substantial amount for maintenance even after you have invested heavily from day one.

For this reason we do not recommend solar hot water. We believe and are of the opinion that in today’s market there are better and more cost effective alternatives.

If you wish to install solar, I would suggest you spend sufficient time doing you research as its a big cost, and an ongoing cost, even though you save on electricity.

Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing Solar Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

What about considering a system that is superior to Solar Hot Water…

I would encourage you to have a look at the ECOPLUS Heat Pump Hot Water System

If you’ve already had a solar hot water system before, but are tired of ongoing maintenance on your old solar hot water system, or if you were considering a solar hot water system but would be interested in a superior alternative that is even more efficient, and less maintenance… the ECOPLUS could be for you.

We have installed quite a few and as at today 100% of our customers have loved their new ECOPLUS hot water systems.

And this is what Glenn had to say…

Hi guys, Many thanks for a job well done. The job was done to a very high standard by guys obviously at the top of their game. Kinda cool hearing tradesmen singing while they work, and the mood well reflected in the finished product. The pipework, wiring, isolating switch and finished job look exceptionally tidy compare to what it replaced. Was a nice touch being shown the completed installation by tradesmen, with a quick explanation of form and function (when they finished). I am amazed by quietness of the unit during operation and the functionality is almost unbelievable. Just (5) minutes after initially turning system on, the water coming out of the tap was warm enough to have a shower (no wonder the claim 80% savings). Will be interesting to see power bills going forward compared to the more expensive solar system it replaces! And almost forgot to mention, our shower pressure has increased post install – another plus!

Cheers Glenn, Kingseat, Auckland

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