Basic Call out to unblock a shower, basin,
or sink

If you have a blocked sink, there is no need to panic when you can get an expert round to fix it real fast. Got visitors coming after hours and you have a blocked sink – still simple – just CLICK HERE

ONLY $170 + GST

This will allow for our serviceman to be on site for up to half an hour to clear your blocked sink. If we are more than half an hour, you will be charged half hourly thereafter. It can be very difficult to know just how long a blockage will take to clear, especially without seeing the blockage.

Over and above this you will be charged for consumable cleaning equipment, disposable gloves, etc (anything we reasonably need to safely and hygienically complete the task at hand)

If we are not successful in clearing your blockage, whatever is blocked within 15 – 20 minutes using a plunger, or manual operated hand tool, we will revert to using a machine which will incur additional hire fees. There is obviously no point us spending hours trying to unblock a drain though without using a machine as it would cost you more in the end, so we will make the best decision on the day, choosing what equipment is best to use.

If you need your blocked sink or shower unblocked fast, then call us now on 0800 PLUMBER | 0800 758 623

For more information on Drain Unblocking Machine Hire that would be suitable for clearing a Blocked Sink – Click here

If you have a Blockage after hours in Auckland – Click here

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blocked sink or basin - regency plumbing can help you