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Have you ever noticed just how much space your electric water cylinder takes up in your home (or even outside of it)? Not only do they take up a large amount of space, but at times do not provide you with satisfactory pressure, and can also put a limit to your daily hot water usage. According to EnergyWise New Zealand; they can actually be the most expensive form of heating to use in comparison to other more modernised systems. Moreover, if the electric water cylinder is not correctly set up and maintained yearly, you pose the risk of an inefficient system that could lead to the growth of legionella bacteria which in turn leads to illness. 

Why you need a Rinnai INFINITY®

If you live alone or have a house full of children, no one wants a shower in low pressure or hot water that could possibly run out mid-shower… But here is where we can provide your home with the perfect solution: Rinnai INFINITY® Gas Hot Water Heaters the perfect addition to your Auckland home. As the world’s largest gas appliance manufacturer, Rinnai NZ is widely regarded as the industry leader. Rinnai INFINITY® Heaters Auckland come in several different models to suit any New Zealand home and are available in both:

  • Natural Gas 
  • LPG

How exactly do Rinnai gas heaters work?

So, how does a Rinnai gas heater really work and how do you know it is the right system for you? It is proven that the most efficient way to heat hot water in your home is with natural gas. The gas heater is essentially a gas water heater which operates when you open a hot water tap, a sensor inside the Rinnai gas heater then detects the flow. Rinnai gas heaters have an “electronic control unit” that controls how the gas flows through the hot water heater. The gas burner then fires through and the heat exchanger and warms the flowing water.

The difference in systems is that the Rinnai INFINITY allows for:

  • Safety and peace of mind if you have young children around,
  • No need for water to be stored until you need to use it, so more energy efficient! 
  • And of course, you never run out of hot water.

Tank-less continuous flow through hot water heater systems are also rising in the ranks of being the most popular type of gas hot water heater. Gas water heaters are now typically cheaper to operate than electric systems, so it is definitely the time for you to invest in an effective and efficient system. 

Rinnai Gas Heaters New Zealand

Rinnai Hot Water HeatersNow that you know how Rinnai gas heaters relatively work, depending on what you are looking for; Rinnai INFINITY NZ provides a range of different models and appliances from Rinnai Gas Heaters to Rinnai Hot Water Cylinders that actually do the job. If you are on the hunt for an energy efficient gas hot water heater for your Auckland residential home; the Rinnai INFINITY A-Series could be the perfect match for you. Beautifully designed and handcrafted in Japan, the Rinnai INFINITY A-Series are continuous flow gas hot water heaters that have an inbuilt frost protection; so even in the freezing winters; they provide your family with an endless amount of high pressure hot water, and are most importantly energy efficient as they’re only on when you require hot water. They’re a high or mains pressure system so will always give you a satisfactory level of water pressure.

Rinnai New Zealand hot water heaters are installed externally and come in a range of sizes that deliver between 16 litres and 26 litres of hot water per minute (A16, A20, A24 and A26). The model of Rinnai hot water systems is dependent on your hot water requirements and the number of outlets in your home. See the diagram below to work out which model is suitable for you. 

hot water stats

The model numbers above represent hot water capacity, for example the A26 produces 26 litres of hot water per minute at a 25 degree Celsius rise. 

How you can get yourself a Rinnai INFINITY®

The good news is that Rinnai INFINITY® gas heaters NZ are extremely cost effective; with the RRP of each model is as listed: A16 – $1,366, the A20 – $1,549, the A24 – $1,733 and the A26 – $1,815. However, here at Regency Plumbing, we have an unmissable special on both supplying and installing your brand new Rinnai gas heater!

  • Get a brand new Rinnai INFINITY A26 installed in your home today for just $2,987 incl GST… and to make the deal even sweeter, if you connect to LPG through Regency Plumbing your first refill bottle of LPG is on us (an additional saving of approximately $100)! 

To make things easier around the home, you can also add a controller to your package for just $297 inc GST. 

The Rinnai INFINITY® Compact Controller

  • The Rinnai INFINITY Compact Controller is a beautifully designed modern addition to your home that allows you to control the temperature of your new Rinnai INFINITY hot water heater. This is Rinnai’s smallest and most affordable model and can be installed anywhere around your house.

Rinnai INFINITY® and Regency Plumbing


The team at Regency Plumbing Auckland provides superb services and aftercare customer service. We will ensure that your brand new Rinnai gas heater A26 is fitted in the most suitable location on an exterior wall of your home. We will also take care of all your plumbing and gas fitting requirements for your A26 unit so that the installation of your new Rinnai water heater is all carried out hassle-free. This includes the disconnection of your current hot water system to make way for your new Rinnai hot water system, including the electrical switch, setting up gas pipework, and then testing of the system, as well as gas certification appropriate to the installation, to guarantee it is ready for you to enjoy. 


So what are you waiting for? Inquire today about your new Rinnai INFINITY® and someone from the team will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Now it’s your time to enjoy all that the Rinnai INFINITY® Gas Hot Water has to offer. 

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