Are you able to quote after 5pm, or on weekends?
  1. No, most of our team have wives and children who also want to see them, so we only quote during normal working hours
  2. Where possible we like to fit our quotes in between 10am and 2pm so we can avoid traffic delays and get through more quotes more efficiently
  1. Yes, so all our work is covered by the Master Plumbers Guarantee
  2. And our team uphold the code of ethics of being a Master Plumber
  1. The short answer is no, some are not fully qualified; however, they are all licensed to carry out the work they will be doing for you
  2. The most important thing is that they are licensed to do the work, that they work for a reputable company, that they have a supervisor making sure their work is up to standard, and that they are trained to do the job
  3. In New Zealand there are very few plumbers and gasfitters who are fully qualified, the full qualification is very hard to achieve, and many give up before sitting final exams to become fully qualified certifying plumbers and gasfitters
  4. Therefore, you will find most plumbers and gasfitters who come to your home are at various stages of being qualified, but not necessarily fully qualified
  5. A sharp enthusiastic young plumber in training can often actually be far better and more efficient than someone who has their full qualification but is getting old and slow and out of touch with modern plumbing systems

Yes, you can, however there would be additional charges

  1. Afterhours callout fees
  2. Plus, you would have to pay time and a half on labour for the time the plumber spends on site
  3. It’s an option, but an expensive one

Yes, we are an accredited supplier of plumbing and gasfitting services for WINZ

  1. Yes, you are charged from the time we arrive on site, to the time we leave site at completion of the job
  2. If this means we must go to the plumbing merchant store in the middle of the job, this will be charged as part of the job
  3. We carry a lot of common materials required for maintenance plumbing on board the van, but it is not possible to carry 20000 or more products, so inevitably sometimes we will have to leave site and collect materials
  4. No plumber will ever carry every possible part that could be required, it would just be impossible
  1. Yes, we always remove the rubbish from your property
  2. We also take away toilets and hot water cylinders
  3. On quoted jobs it will normally state whether rubbish removal is included

Yes, just register your Gold Card number with us and you will get a $20 Discount off your next job.

Yes, we no longer offer FREE use of credit cards. You will be charged the bank service fee of 2.85%.

No, not at this time, not a specialist anyway. If you just have a leaking valve or something that is basic plumbing repairs, we can do that of course, but if you have a technical glitch with your system and its malfunctioning, or just failing and random times, then I suggest you call a specialist solar technician.

Alternatively, I would recommend you change to a new gas hot water system, or heat pump hot water system. Invest now in a more reliable hot water system.

Yes, we install all types of hot water cylinders and gas hot water heating systems

We have a service team to service all gas appliances

  1. Central heating systems
  2. Fires
  3. Hobs
  4. Rinnai hot water heaters
  5. Rheem hot water heaters
  6. Gas wall heaters
  7. Boiler units
  8. Solar systems
  9. Everything 
  1. Yes, we service all hydraulic underfloor heating systems
  2. We also install new underfloor heating systems
  3. We do not service electric underfloor heating systems
  1. Yes, we can replace the odd broken tile, however we don’t do concrete tile roof replacements or anything that extreme, that is more of a specialist job
  2. We also replace leaking flashings, pipe penetrations, chimney flashings, etc on tile roofs
  1. No, materials will be charged over and above our normal rates
  2. Materials will generally be charged on an as used basis
  1. Yes, we have basic sounding gear, however often we use our experience rather than relying on equipment to sound out leak
  2. If we just cannot find the leak with the gear we have, we would refer you to a specialist leak detection company with high tech gear and get them to try and pinpoint the leak. This is normally successful.
    • (NOTE: any costs incurred by the leak detection company would be payable by you, the customer – we do not get involved with this, just to be transparent so you know exactly what you are paying for)
  3. Once they have found the leak, or identified where it is, generally it would be underground, we will come back and arrange the repair for you
  1. Yes, we do a lot of spouting and downpipe replacements
  2. We are specialist Marley installers – installing all the Marley plastic spouting systems
  3. We also do box guttering
  4. We do not do the replacement of the internal gutter systems hidden in behind the fascia, (the ones that overflow into your house during heavy rain)
  1. No, I am sorry we only service Auckland
  2. For large jobs we do consider venturing outside of Auckland if we can make it work for you without the travel costs being to excessive
    • As an example, we have done the plumbing on a block of motels in Taupo
    • We have done multiple new houses in Pauanui
    • We have done hot water systems from Tauranga to Whangarei
    • Obviously, it must end up being cost effective for you, and worthwhile for us, otherwise we wouldn’t consider it
  1. It will depend on the size of the job
  2. It will also depend if there is special materials or equipment that may cause a delay
  3. Its in our best interest to complete your job as quickly as we can, so it will be scheduled as soon as possible
  4. We try to prioritise emergency jobs if it’s possible
  5. As soon as your deposit is paid, we will get it booked in
  1. Yes, our quotes are FREE, however we do not enjoy quoting for fun
  2. If we feel your job does not warrant a quote, and is just a repair we will not come and give you a quote
  3. Also, tiny little jobs we will not quote, as often it takes as long to diagnose the problem as to repair the problem
  1. No, we do not service electrical appliances
  2. If it just has a leaking hose, we can fix that for you
  1. Yes, we service and install insinkerators, and all other models of waste disposal units
  2. If it has jammed, why has it jammed? Often, they start jamming because the teeth are wearing out, so will inevitably create ongoing problems for you unless you do replace it (this is of course unless you have dropped a teaspoon down or something like that, no teeth will chew up teaspoons)
  3. Some have a reset button on the bottom, however if it is jammed, clicking the reset back in will not fix it, it will pop again
  4. The reason they pop is to avoid burning out the motor when they do jamb
  5. We fit all new models of insinkerators
  6. We also fit air switches for insinkerators
  1. No, we fit new showers, however we do not do maintenance on them
  2. This is more of a handy man type job
  1. Yes, all our team are trained to service all types of toilets
  2. We can also fit new toilets, even if they need building and tiling work, etc
  1. Yes, we can unblock your drains
  2. We unblock, gully traps, toilets, showers, sinks, everything
  3. We have a minimum charge of $180 + GST – this covers the call out service fee and labour for up to one hour, however, drain unblocking equipment is over and above the basic service charge
  4. A full list of rates is on the attached PDF sheet
  1. We have a minimum charge of $180 + GST – this covers the call out service fee and labour for up to one hour
  2. After hours or public holidays are different rates
  3. A full list of rates is on the attached PDF sheet

When people ask this question, they are generally only referring to the continuous flow gas hot water systems fitted on the exterior wall, so the answers also only relate to those type of systems

    1. The most obvious when you see them side by side is the spelling
    2. Rheem would tell you theirs is better
    3. Rinnai would tell you theirs is better
    4. They are both made in Japan, one on one side of the road, one on the other
    5. Both brought into NZ by reputable companies (Rheem and Rinnai)
    6. Both great products
    7. They both do the same function – delivering endless hot water
    8. The reality is the average person wouldn’t be able to tell the difference
    9. Some say the Rinnai is quieter which could be relevant if you’re fitting it near a bedroom
    10. From a fault-finding perspective if they fail, the Rheem has a small monitor telling you what’s wrong with it, that’s handy
    11. The Rheem also can be fitted with an EZISET control, allowing you to program temperature from up to 10 mobile phones within the house, that’s cool
    12. The Rheem is also generally a fraction cheaper making it more appealing
    13. Bottom line is you’ll be happy either way just getting endless high-pressure hot water to use
  1. Natural gas in most cases is more efficient than LPG
  2. However, LPG can sometimes be more cost effective overall annually if you do not use a lot of volume of gas
  3. The annual cost to hire LPG bottles (excluding gas consumption) is $100 + GST
  4. The approximate cost to have Natural Gas supplied to your property by the utility provider (excluding gas consumption) is $30 + GST per month – over 3 times more
  5. So, the base cost favours LPG, however the cost per m3 of gas is less for Natural Gas
  1. Regency Plumbing are Auckland wide
  2. We have 18 vans covering everywhere from Puhoi to Pokeno
  3. Everyone within the Auckland area pays the same rate
  4. Our head office is at 32 Elliot Street, Papakura

Flood damage can be devastating, leaving homeowners feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. At Regency, we understand the urgency of the situation and are here to help.

  1. Our team has the availability and expertise needed to get you back in your home as quickly as possible.
  2. From water removal to repairs and restoration, we have the tools and skills necessary to tackle any flood damage repair job.

Don’t wait, contact us today and let us help you get your life back on track.

We’re always looking for more amazing plumbers and gasfitters to join us. Regency Plumbing is a company that has continued to climb to the top of our industry, and that has only happened as a result of finding great people to join us. So, if you’d like to be part of this growth and journey, look us up. If you’ve got a great attitude, a bit of spark, and the right credential’s, we’ll make a space for you, even if we aren’t advertising for more people actively around the place.

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