Everything you need to know about your Water Heater

maximum temperature in your bathroom should be 55

Why do you run out of hot water? What can go wrong with your water heater? When should you repair or replace your hot water heater? How can you avoid running out of hot water? We have no hot water – what’s wrong? The first sign of trouble with your water heater is usually a […]

What sets the Rinnai hot water heaters apart?

rinnai infinity auckland

There are a few ways to heat the water for your home, and several options to consider: Low-pressure hot water cylinder Mains pressure hot water cylinder Electric or Gas (bottled or natural gas) Continuous flow hot water system It can seem a bit complicated, but at Regency Plumbing our job is to step you through […]

Do you need a continuous hot water heater?

rinnai infinity on lpg in auckland

Upgrading Hot Water Heater Looking to update your existing hot water heater? Want to buy a new hot water heater? Overwhelmed with options and not sure where to start? Gas continuous hot water heaters are definitely an option and should be considered. The Rinnai Infinity Gas Hot Water System is one of New Zealand’s leading brands […]

10 Things to consider before installing a continuous hot water heater

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Hot water heating accounts for around 30% of the average household energy bill, so choosing the right system for your needs can make a noticeable difference. Here are some things you need to consider before buying and installing a continuous hot water heater.  Types of hot water heaters  There are several types of water heaters […]

EcoPlus Hot Water Heat Pump System – So Good!

Ecoplus hot water heat pump system installed in Auckland NZ by Regency Plumbing - October 2019

Why would you choose an EcoPlus Heat Pump Hot Water System? Well it just makes sense. If you can save up to 80%* of your electric storage hot water energy costs, year after year! why wouldn’t you make the switch. When you consider how much cost relates to the average household’s energy costs from your […]