Regency Plumbing is an Auckland based plumbing and gas fitting company.

Regency Plumbing was founded in May 1998 with one clear purpose, to make a real difference in the plumbing industry. We set out to be a World Class Plumbing Company, not just another plumbing company. Subsequently today we are a flourishing and award winning business, that has been trading in Auckland for almost 25 years, which is a real milestone for any business. Regency Plumbing continues to go from strength to strength with rapid growth year on year, and has recently been given a real boost with the addition of two new directors Pete Dallas, and Shaun Smith that have both bought shares in the company.

How it all began…

“I hadn’t long started my apprenticeship in plumbing and gas fitting and came to realize rather quickly that plumbers didn’t always have such a good name. They were often referred to as rude and obnoxious, were subject to fleecing people and not giving good value, commonly they would turn up late, if at all, and when they did would arrive with their backsides hanging out of their trousers. So this was not so great, however it was obvious to me from a very young age, there would be a wonderful opportunity to change this perception people had about plumbers. I passionately wanted people to believe that we were professionals, we really could impress people, and we were not just rough, untidy, tradesman.”

So, Regency Plumbing began and we’ve never looked back since.

We continue to improve and come up with new ideas and initiatives, and are widely recognized by the industry to be the market leader. We never compromise our service, and will never give up trying to be the best we possibly can be.

So, I hope that when you use us for your next project, you experience service far more amazing than you ever have before from our team at Regency Plumbing.

My kindest regards,

Regan Frost,

CEO – Regency Plumbing Limited

regan frost - bathroom designer in auckland