Rheem Lazer – Our Go-to Brand for Boiler Units

In the Rheem Lazer range is a selection of high performance models that will make your lunch room, or work place cup of tea, smoko room, a pleasure to use. Rheem Lazer Eco, in particular is a cost-effective boiling water unit uniquely designed for a wide range of installations such as your office, workplace, or sports club.
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rheem lazer eco boiler unit

Rheem LAZER ECO 3L 1.8KW White non-timer – 70303W

The Rheem Lazer Eco provides boiling water with reduced energy consumption. It’s easy to use with a one-touch button to switch on Eco Mode which, when activated, automatically turns the unit to sleep two hours after use, reducing energy use by more than 40%.
The indicator light shows red when heating and green when conserving energy so you can see what it’s doing at a glance.
Looks really smart in a white powder coat finish, and also very easy to clean.

Rheem Lazer Boiler – This is a Red Hot Deal!

*NOW ONLY $1341.40 INC GST


*Terms and Conditions apply – Price is for the unit only.

Installation is generally relatively simple and not too excessive, however installation will be charged over and above the basic unit price. It’s simple and easy, and we’ll only charge you for the work required to complete your Lazer Eco Boiler installation.


  • Cost effective, Eco Mode reduces energy use by over 40%
  • Auto calibration
  • Energy efficient and cost effective sleep modes
  • Easy to use with a one-touch button to switch on “Eco Mode” which automatically turns the Lazer Eco off after two hours of inactivity, reducing power consumption
  • Easy to clean white powder coat finish
  • Made in New Zealand
SKU: 646824 – RRP: $1441.40 Inc GST – GET $100 OFF NOW!
*NOW ONLY $1341.40 INC GST


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lazer boiler for your lunchroom
rheem lazer eco boiler unit

Has your Lazer Boiler Failed?

If your Lazer or ZIP boiling hot water unit has failed, Regency Plumbing will be able to help you. We install dozens of these every year, and this is what our customers are saying about the service we provide.

Thank you, very happy with work, nice young man, work carried out quickly and efficiently, have never used you before but will definitely use you in future… Thank you, Judy 

So, it’s fair to say, when you get Regency Plumbing to replace your Lazer boiler, there will be no hassle at all. We have top quality plumbers to take care of all your kitchen and lunch room needs. All our work will be completed with no fuss and mess. It couldn’t be easier for you!

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Rheem Lazer Boiler Units are Brilliant!

The Rheem Lazer Commercial models are high capacity boiling water systems designed for the demands of a busy workplace, sports club, conference centre and more. The Lazer Commercial range has capacities of 7.5, 10, 15, 25 and 40 litres that can deliver from 50–247 cups of boiling water an hour and 103–241 cups per hour recovery. Available in White and Stainless Steel.

Easy Operation

The features offered by the Commercial range of boiling water units include easy care and operation. The user-friendly timer and controls are integrated into the fascia (Stainless Steel or Powder Coat White), leaving the surfaces smooth for cleaning. The control functions automatically return to your settings in the event of a power cut.

Energy Efficient, Smart Technology

The seven-day timer ensures you have boiling water at the ready and turns the energy off when boiling water is not required. Sleep mode will turn off the system automatically when it has not been used for a set period of time. Combining the timer and sleep mode can reduce energy use by up to 40% over a normal working week.

Extra Features

Automatic safety devices ensure the unit never boils dry and it also features automatic calibration of the boiling point for whatever altitude the unit is installed at. The high flow tap offers up to 35% faster filling.

lazer commercial boiler
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