Do you have an old Gas Appliance that is not working properly?

Regency Plumbing have a good number of tradesman gas fitters who are trained in servicing gas appliances – most models (Rinnai, Fisher & Paykel, Delonghi, Bosch, Parmco, plus many more)

We quite possibly do more gas appliance repairs and servicing than any other gas company in Auckland. We have a number of highly skilled gas experts, who can come to the rescue when your gas appliance stops working.

Red Hot Specials on Gas Appliance Repairs and Servicing


Our basic service covers the call out to job, and up to 1 hours labour on site, and well as a gas safety certificate. The gas fitter will make sure your appliance is in good working order and safe to use.

If the gas appliance requires parts we will advise you of the issue and arrange any replacement part, or parts. The parts will be over and above the basic service fee. If the gas appliance is very old and parts are no longer available we will provide you with a quote for a new appliance.

The basic service option is suitable for people who have a gas fire, gas hot water heater, gas hob, or gas wall heater.

NOTE: The price is $290 + GST ($333.50 inc GST)

For gas appliance repairs and servicing, give us a call

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gas hob repairs and servicing
Have you got an old Gas Hot Water Cylinder that has rusted out, gone cold, or died?

If so, it my be beyond gas appliance repairs and servicing.

In many suburbs of Auckland where the homes are about 18 – 25 years old the Vulcan Free Loader external gas storage hot water heaters were very common. If you have one of these, or any other type like that, they are just not worth fixing any more.

But do not worry – Rheem have developed a fantastic replacement for these called a Rheem Stellar. For RED HOT SPECIALS on a Rheem Stellar Upgrade – CLICK HERE 

For gas appliance repairs and servicing, give us a call

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Rheem Stellar Gas Hot Water Cylinder Upgrade