Need a new toilet?

It never ceases to amaze me how long people will put up with a leaking toilet for.

Do you know that if your toilet is continuously running through from the cistern into the toilet pan, or leaking out the pipe going through the wall you will be wasting a considerable amount of water? You could put all that wasted money towards a new toilet. Toilets are very cost competitive these days.

Is it worth fixing your existing toilet?

In most cases it will not be worth even trying to fix your existing toilet.

A toilet gets high use, and is subject to a rough life, and parts are expensive relative to replacement toilet suites.

I guess the old dunny is really just serving a purpose for the residents of the building, however it is really nice to use a clean new toilet rather than one that is 30 yeas old, is badly stained, smells really bad, and just makes you crawl.

The other great thing about a new toilet is they are more efficient and in most cases flush better than the old ones.

We recommend the use of DUX toilets.

DUX is a NZ company, builds great toilets, have parts available should something go wrong with your toilet, and are very reliable.

Check out our special above if you want real value for money.

Get yourself a new toilet today to replace your old leaking toilet.

Cast Iron Stacks

Toilet replacements can go horribly wrong if you have an old cast iron stack or waste pipe which is rusting and cannot be sealed up.

We strongly recommend you seek the help of a licensed plumber for your toilet replacement.

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