Kiwis have trusted Rheem for nearly 50 years!

Rheem is the name and the company the experts turn to for all their hot water needs. Providing reliable, efficient hot water heating for many years, Rheem brings you the latest in Hot Water Cylinder technology, gas continuous flow, heat pump & solar water heating, and boiling and chilled water products. Rheem is the trusted name in hot water with over 40 years of experience and expertise within New Zealand.

What Hot Water Cylinder options are available?

Choosing the best Hot Water Cylinder for you?

low pressure hot water cylinder

Low Pressure hot water cylinders

Traditionally, a low pressure hot water cylinder was an open-vented system providing hot water supply for most homes in Auckland, New Zealand. They are reliable and provide hot water, however only limited pressure, so with the modern expectation of great showers, rather than just the old school bath, low pressure hot water cylinders have become a lot less desirable.

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mains pressure hot water cylinder installed - hot water cylinder price


Most new homes in Auckland, New Zealand now have mains pressure hot water cylinders. They are in general available in many different sizes, and constructed of vitreous enamel or stainless steel. Mains pressure hot water cylinders give flexibility when it comes to choosing your tapware and bathroom fixtures, as you will find the majority of new tap-ware options are rated only for mains pressure.

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replacement valve on low pressure hot water cylinder


Maintaining your hot water system is really important if you want your hot water cylinder to have a long life, or for saving money due to your hot water system having valve related issues that cause your hot water system to constantly discharge water.

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rinnai infinity hot water heater


Have you ever considered heating your hot water with gas? If you haven’t, it is well worth doing the maths. Gas hot water systems are very popular, and generally a very cost effective way to heat your water.

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heat pump hot water cylinders - regency plumbing


There are many different brands of heat pump hot water cylinders flooding the market, however I would be very careful when choosing which one is best. Some claim to be super efficient, however I can honestly tell you from experience that cold showers soon take the shine away from the few cents you save each day.

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rheem lazer boiler units - regency plumbing


The Rheem Lazer Commercial model is a high capacity boiling water system designed for the demands of a busy workplace, sports club, conference centre and more. The Lazer Commercial range has capacities of 7.5, 10, 15, 25 and 40 litres that can deliver from 50–247 cups of boiling water an hour and 103–241 cups per hour recovery. Available in White and Stainless Steel.

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hot water tap


Do away with waiting for the kettle! You can get boiling water at the touch of a button with an instant hot water tap. Regency Plumbing, Auckland boiling water units are great time savers, and in more ways than one – many offers not only hot water but chilled water too, to meet all of your water dispensing needs.

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pool heated by solar hot water


It come at a cost at the initial set up stage, however after many years of hot water usage, having solar heated hot water can save you a huge amount of money. We install many different types of solar hot water heaters around Auckland, however mostly we install the Rheem system.

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