Solutions to poor water pressure

Generally people with low water pressure find it is most irritating when you try to turn on two different plumbing fixtures at the same time, whether they are the outside garden hose, the kitchen sink, basin, the toilet, or even the shower. Although your water pressure may be sufficient when only one fixture is operational, you’ll definitely notice a drop in water flow when the second fixture comes into use.

Is there a quick solution to this?

Not really, the is a solution, and that’s getting a new mains pressure hot water system, however that is not always affordable for everyone.

If low water pressure is affecting only your shower head, you should check for an obstruction in the shower head or see if your shower head has a water conservation filter installed. However, there are numerous factors and situations that may result in low water pressure, which is why until you can really determine the cause for low pressure, it is hard to quickly suggest what you should do first to solve the problem.

Sometimes people mix up pressure, and actual volume of water

This valve pictured was blocked which starved the house of water, however the pressure was actually there. A new valve totally transformed there plumbing.

It could be valve related, it could be due to poor pipe sizing, it could be because of poor plumbing design, it could be due to a corroded water main line to your property. There are many possible issues that could leave you with poor water pressure.

In New Zealand many older homes still have a low pressure hot water cylinder which leaves you with a real sad shower.

This is due to a pressure regulating valve being fitted reducing the water pressure to all the cylinder can handle and as a result if your pipe sizing is small, or you have many of the different mixer taps available on the market today, especially most cheap ones, they will not operate well at all with low pressure hot water.

There is always a solution, it just depends how much you want to spend to get rid of the issue. Sometimes, if it is just a faulty valve, it can be a simple fix.

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