Do you have a roof leak?

It is no wonder the team at Regency Plumbing are experts at roofing, installation of new roofs, identifying roof leaks, making repairs to roof surfaces of all types, when we find out Regan the owner of Regency Plumbing spent half of his apprenticeship in plumbing learning all bout roofing on the 8 acre Progressive Distribution Centre roof.

The team at Regency Plumbing are all trained in roofing applications from re roofs of old buildings to fitting of roofs on new buildings, and of course repairing roof leaks. Actually every time it rains we are inundated with roof leaks and spend weeks solving many roof leaks around Auckland.

If we cant fix your roof leak, I doubt anyone can…. thats a bold statement, however thats how confident we are at solving any roof leak. If you need a world class roofer, give us a call, we are only a phone call away.

Roof Leak Repaired by Regency Plumbing
Plumbing fitting done by Regency plumbing Auckland
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