The Benefits of Having a Gas Fireplace in Your Home

Gas fireplace – Auckland

Having a gas fireplace in your home in NZ is a great way to provide a practical heating option to your house while also enjoying the design aesthetics of a fireplace. Having a fireplace, however, is also something that raises a few concerns from people not used to having a fireplace in the home.

We look here at the benefits of having a gas fireplace in your home.

  1. They’re easier to maintain than you think.

When you say fireplace, some people immediately think of messy wood, smoke and ash. This isn’t so with a gas fireplace. A gas fireplace in your NZ home is heated by gas – either bottle gas or mains gas connected to your property. There’s no mess involved and minimal cleaning required, yet you still get all the wonderful benefits of a traditional fireplace.

  1. They heat up quickly.

All you need to do is flick a switch to start your gas fireplace. Again, unlike an old wood fireplace, there’s no waiting for the fireplace to heat up. Similar to your gas hob, once you turn the appliance on, you get immediate heat.

  1. A gas fireplace heats a large area.

If you position your gas fireplace in your Auckland home correctly (we suggest you get in touch with the experts at Regency Plumbing for advice on the best spot), you can heat a large area of your home with just the fireplace. We’ll look at how you use your space, whether you have an open plan space or separate zones for living and dining, and where your other rooms are.

  1. They add value to your home.

Once you add a gas fireplace to your home, or build a new NZ home with a gas fireplace, it automatically has a positive impact on the value of your home. You’ll attract more buyers if you ever decide to sell.

  1. They don’t take up much space.

New modern designs mean that a gas fireplace can generate a lot of heat and yet not take up a lot of room. You don’t feel like they’re a large appliance that you don’t use in the summer months taking up space. Even when it’s off, your gas fireplace is a beautiful design feature you’ll want to gather around.

  1. They’re economical and can reduce your power bills.

Because a gas fireplace heats up instantly and can generate heat in a large area quickly, you’ll find you use less energy than you would with several oil column heaters scattered throughout your home.

  1. Gas fireplaces are child and pet friendly.

There are no open flames, sparks or sharp fireplace instruments around when you have a gas fireplace. You can enclose your gas fireplace within heatproof doors so it looks beautiful while protecting little fingers or curious paws.

  1. You can control a gas fireplace remotely.

Unlike a traditional wood fireplace, a gas fireplace can be controlled by a wall thermostat or a remote-control unit. With some models, you can even control the temperature or turn it on or off using your mobile phone.

  1. They’re environmentally friendly.

A gas fireplace does not release toxic fumes. People burn paper in a wood fireplace, but they don’t think about the fact that often paper has a coating or ink on it, releasing toxic fumes as it burns. Additionally, a gas fireplace emits much less carbon dioxide per unit of heat than even the best wood stoves.

  1. It’s a smart investment.

A gas fireplace offers a number of benefits and adds value to your home, while being easy to use and maintain. We can’t actually think of any disadvantages or cons of using a gas fireplace in NZ.

If you’re considering adding a stylish, economical and efficient heating source to your home by using a gas fireplace, give Regency Plumbing a call. We can discuss a range of models and options that will suit your home.

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