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When you need a new bathroom shower – Regency Plumbing are experts at Shower Replacements in Auckland.

Shower Replacements in Auckland

Why don’t you take advantage of our Latest Package Deal to have you Shower Replaced in Auckland.


*Terms and Conditions Apply. Auckland Only.

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This is a package deal to supply and fit a brand-new shower for you, which most commonly likely will be replacing your old one which is broken or leaking. 

It is sometimes very hard to put everything into exact words, what’s planned for, what’s included, and what we will be doing, however I have tried my best to make it clear for you,

In a general overview included will be:

  • A new shower tray, liner, and door set, to best fit or improve what you have,
  • And new tapware including a new mixer, and slide shower set,

You will be delighted… GUARANTEED!

Some of the nitty gritty details of what we will be doing include:

  • To cover and protect floors and access ways,
  • To provide bin or trailer for removal of rubbish from site,
  • Installation of plumbing pipework, tapware, shower tray and waste,
  • Shower installation (including glass door) by a certified installer,
  • And the associated building work required to make the new shower fit, including new gib board wall linings, behind the shower liner.

There is a lot included!

In summary:

This is a complete package which covers everything you need to get your shower working again.

Building work, plumbing, shower installation, removal of rubbish, is all included.

And then… Following getting the core section of quoted work complete, there is a couple of options you can choose from. Sometimes people take care of these parts themselves to save money, other customers just get us to do everything, but you can choose as you wish.

The common add on sections, or possible optional items are:

  • Painting and plastering, decorating work (touch up painting around the shower area, if required)
  • Flooring repairs around shower base (could be tiling, vinyl edge, chipped tiles, depending on what floor coverings you have, if required)
  • Adjoining fixtures and fittings that don’t work out anymore, maybe they could need altering,
  • Electrical work, maybe a fan, or lighting, if required,
  • Metal trims around shower, or timber trims if required,
  • And also to point out, replacement timber flooring, or framing if you have had a leak, only if required, but extra’s would apply.

You may or may not have any issues or require us to help you with any of these items above, however we feel it best to highlight them and point them out to be clear up front. We don’t include any costs for them in our quoted price as many times we can manage to fit the new shower without any remedial repairs. Other times, if a tile gets broken, or paint peels, or if the liner sits behind a tile, or something like that, or there is significant water damage from a leak, remedial repairs, painting touch ups, or additional trims can be required, to make good the finished work.

And as I said earlier, you may wish to tackle these yourself to reduce cost, but mostly customers will just ask us to arrange for our contractors to sort these for you. So, if you require us to, we will help you with any of these extra options and will charge you only for what is required.


  • Should any of the old plumbing pipework at your property be the old black plastic piping, which is well known to be problematic, and prone to bursting randomly which has caused some major damage for customers in the past, or even old, galvanized pipe, we can remove it and upgrade it for you while we’re there to give you the peace of mind your plumbing is durable and watertight for the future. This would be extra, over and above the package price.
  • If you already have a low-pressure hot water system, you’ll be aware of the poor performance you get from it, particularly in the shower. This of course will be no better with your new replacement cylinder, so we highly recommend upgrading to a mains pressure hot water system. New mains pressure hot water systems start from about $2987 and go up from there depending on what option you choose. Many people, in fact most people who don’t have mains pressure already choose to upgrade. We can discuss the options with you.
  • Should you choose to upgrade to mains pressure hot water, from low pressure, occasionally we find the old tapware, particularly shower mixers don’t always work very well, or are noisy with a new high pressure hot water system, so if you’re upgrading from low pressure, you may need to either modify or upgrade the existing shower mixers. This is not included in our standard quotes as it’s quite rare now that this is required, however we can arrange a solution to the problem for you should there be an issue once we test the new system. If you’re replacing your shower anyway, then obviously there won’t be any issue with the shower mixer.
  • And finally, if any unforeseen issues or circumstances arise outside of our control that cause the job to be delayed, held up, or prolonged for any reason, no penalties can be claimed against Regency Plumbing.

*Exclusions include:

  • Any allowance within the quote for any other subtrades work unless it is listed in detail,
  • And any other work not listed or itemized within quote.

But to be very clear – in all cases, if we come across any issues outside of the quoted value – we will notify you right away, we will discuss with you, we will provide estimated additional cost to make good, or alter, and it will be agreed upon by you and us before we proceed, eliminating the shock of a significant, or any price inflation from the original quote.

How long does a job like this take?

In most cases a project like this will take a about one week.

Upon acceptance of this quote and deposit being paid we can generally get you shower started within a week or two, and then once we start the job and pull the old shower out, we can normally get you up and running again within 3 – 5 days, so as you can see, we provide a premium solution to customers who need a new shower.

We’re very focused on a quality outcome, and sometimes if you rush too much the quality is compromised. It’s better to take a little extra time than be disappointed.

So, what’s the usual plan from here:

We really look forward to replacing your shower for you, and we hope to hear from you very soon. If you need to chat about anything, just give us a call, we are here to help and make your job easier.

And just one final reminder for your own peace of mind:

If you’re not already confident we are the best choice to complete your job, I encourage you to read more about us on our website and check out our fabulous reviews online. We have a fantastic team of plumbers, gasfitters, and other contractors to carry out your work, we do an amazing job, we take care of everything for you, providing you great service, a job completed professionally, on time, to budget, and HASSLE FREE!

Get in touch now, and we’ll make sure you get the best possible deal!


Shower Booster Pack

A cheap fix, that might be sufficient for you if you’re on a limited budget.

original shower poor but better with shower booster pack upgrade
the difference is great with the shower booster package

Tired of a lousy shower? Shower Booster Package Available NOW!

This is the perfect solution to get your shower spruced up, and pressure boosted when all you need is a nice hot decent shower to make your morning so much more enjoyable.

This is a low cost shower replacement option – tapware and valve changes only – this is the best option for you, if upgrading to a mains pressure hot water cylinder is out of you budget.

We are not able to give a fixed price on this as every situation is different, however the price range is between about $1200 and $1500 in most cases.

This is to cover a shower mixer, slide set, control valves, pipe and fittings, and of course the installation. 

NOTE: It is a booster option, it certainly doesn’t do the same job as upgrading to mains pressure hot water. 

Get in touch now, and we’ll make sure you get the best possible deal!


Shower Repairs in Auckland

Tired of our shower that never stops dripping?

shower repair in tile wall

Once a shower starts to drip continuously it is generally not repairable. Sometimes you can fit a new seal kit, however often seal kits are only a temporary fix. If the brass has become scratched or worn, even new seals will not solve the dripping problem.

So whether it just be a repair or total shower replacements that you are needing, we can help you.

Get in touch now, and we’ll make sure you get the best possible deal!


Shower Replacements

Or if you think, maybe your shower is beyond repair, then remember, we can help you with a complete new shower…

We have a designated project team ready to help.

Shower Replacements in Auckland

Why don’t you take advantage of our Latest Package Deal to have you Shower Replaced in Auckland.

from ONLY *$6987 INSTALLED

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Auckland Only.

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Often people who have a shower leak are unaware of the extent of the damage that has been caused by their leaking shower, and when they call the plumber, Regency Plumbing to come and fix the leak we find that serious damage has most likely been caused resulting in not only a new tap, or valve, or rose, but a whole new shower.

We mostly replace showers with an acrylic shower box to suit your space, and then arrange for all the remedial work to be completed also.

The remedial work could include builders, plasterers, painters, tilers, vinyl layers, etc.

So, if you’re looking for a one stop shop to solve all your shower and bathroom concerns, you have come to the right place.

shower replacement in auckland
shower replacement - regency plumbing

Tile Showers – Replacement of Tiled Showers

If you’re living in an old house with a tiled shower that smells damp and musty, you may have a leaking tiled shower. We find many leaking tiled showers with faulty waste traps, leaks around the waste outlets, or wastes that have come loose.

If you have a leaking tiled shower, we can help you!

We have a full team of professionals to replace your leaking tiled shower.

Get in touch now, and we’ll make sure you get the best possible deal!


The Easy Way To Get Your Tiled Shower Replaced

If you’ve been concerned you have a leaking tiled shower, you’ll be one of many. Tiled showers are definitely the premium choice for a luxury shower, and found in many luxury homes in Auckland, however sadly many were installed to a poor standard, and in many cases without proper water proofing from day one. If your shower leaks now, you’ll never stop it by taping it up, or just patching it up.

So, if you need someone to look at your tiled shower, we can help you. We have a full team of professional trades people to properly install a new tiled shower for you. 

Are tiled showers expensive?

They are very expensive… why? because the cost to create a tiled shower that doesn’t leak consists of multiple layers, and a huge amount of labour. Can you take a short cut to reduce cost? You can, but more than likely you’ll be replacing it again before long. If you want peace of mind, just pay the premium to get it done properly.

tiled shower - regency plumbing
tiled shower replacement

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Job professionally invoiced, completed in a timely manner with a minor change of valve necessary the next day. Overall great to deal with and very well priced. Plan to use again.

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