Welcome to Regency Plumbing, and thank you for considering Regency Plumbing for your next project. I am sure you will find without exception, if you choose Regency Plumbing to complete your plumbing and gas fitting work, you will experience an unparalleled level of service like you have never experienced before.

Regency Plumbing is a ‘World Class Plumbing Company’ passionate about turning Mediocrity into Greatness

Actually… Here’s why hundreds of people use Regency Plumbing every month?

“Because we promise to deliver to you a plumbing experience that will exceed your expectations”

  1. We’ll use the very best team of plumbers and support personnel we can employ to solve your plumbing and gas fitting problems.
  2. We will complete your job as quickly and efficiently as we can,
  3. We’ll complete your job with no fuss and mess,
  4. We will complete your job for the same price that was agreed upon… (no unwanted surprises)
  5. And we will be at your job at the time agreed… GUARANTEED!
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To be a World Class Plumbing Company – Turning Mediocrity into Greatness.

Regency Plumbing is committed to offering premium quality plumbing and gas fitting services, which will exceed the expectations of our customers today, and in the future.

Without exception, to each and every customer, we will be transparent, honest, reliable, and dependable. In every aspect of what we do, it will be clearly evident that we really care about our customers.

Any products or services we offer will be top quality and value for money.

Regency Plumbing will strive to offer an unparalleled level of excellence in every thing we do.

Regency Plumbing is an Auckland based plumbing and gas fitting company.

Regency Plumbing was founded in May 1998 with one clear purpose, to make a real difference in the plumbing industry. We set out to be a World Class Plumbing Company, not just another plumbing company. Subsequently today we are a flourishing and award winning business.

Regency Plumbing continues to go from strength to strength with rapid growth year on year, and has more recently grown even greater with the addition of two new directors Pete Dallas, and Shaun Smith that have both bought shares in the company.


“I hadn’t long started my apprenticeship in plumbing and gas fitting and came to realize rather quickly that plumbers didn’t always have such a good name. They were often referred to as rude and obnoxious, were subject to fleecing people and not giving good value, commonly they would turn up late, if at all, and when they did would arrive with their backsides hanging out of their trousers. So this was not so great, however it was obvious to me from a very young age, there would be a wonderful opportunity to change this perception people had about plumbers. I passionately wanted people to believe that we were professionals, we really could impress people, and we were not just rough, untidy, tradesman.”


We continue to improve and come up with new ideas and initiatives, and are widely recognized by the industry to be the market leader. We never compromise our service, and will never give up trying to be the best we possibly can be.

So, I hope that when you use us for your next project, you experience service far more amazing than you ever have before from our team at Regency Plumbing.

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At Regency Plumbing we have a highly skilled team of directors and employees with hundreds of years combined experience which enables us to cover almost every aspect of our industry.


• Plumbing
• Gas fitting
• Heating
• Hot water system upgrades
• Spouting and gutters
• Roofing
• Drain Unblocking
• Bathroom renovations

We do everything from old to new, renovations, alterations, maintenance and repairs, as well as the plumbing and gas fitting for new builds and construction projects.

We work in both the residential and commercial sectors, and we work for almost every one. Our customers include builders, architects, project managers, rental property managers, school caretakers, rest homes, private hospitals, mums and dads, and anyone else who owns the property.

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We constantly train our team to be World Class.

Not only do we teach them trade based skills, we also teach them how to make sure they provide premium customer service and deliver on our company promises, so that we will exceed your expectations every time.

Pictured is our team doing advanced training at Methven NZ, the makers of some very fine tapware.

Regency Plumbing Auckland team

At Regency Plumbing we take Health and Safety seriously.

We hold regular training sessions to ensure our whole team are competent in all the likely tasks they will encounter while working in the plumbing industry, and we constantly involve our team in training, planning, and group activities to make sure we have taken all practicable steps to get our team home safe each day.

All of our team hold Site Safe Passports, our key people have Supervisor Cards, plus right now we are the highest rated company on SITEWISE.

When you choose Regency Plumbing, you are in safe hands.

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Regency Plumbing Auckland

When you need the perfect partner to complete the plumbing, gas fitting, or heating work on your next project, Regency Plumbing should be your first choice.

We have been the chosen plumber by many reputable building companies for many years now, including Fletcher Residential, Navigation Homes, Jalcon Homes, Goldline Construction, Allwood Manning, plus many more. We’re well known for our outstanding levels of service and have also been the maintenance plumbers for property management companies, private hospitals, and other businesses which require urgent and reliable response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are a member of the Master Plumbers Association of New Zealand, and have been assessed by Master Plumbers and have Quality Assurance Certification.

So Regency Plumbing are a great choice. We have been tried and tested over the last 23 years and still come out on top time and time again. It proves great people make the biggest difference. Call us today to get us on your next job.