Backflow Prevention is critical

A lot of people are not so sure about back flow and the complications which can arise, or the severity of what can happen if everything goes wrong and you do not have a suitable valve fitted for prevention.

People have died as a result of cross contamination caused due to contaminated water getting back into the main water supply due to not having the appropriate valve fitted.

Backflow Testing Requirements

All high and medium risk properties must ensure that the devices on their property are tested annually. Properties that are not tested nor comply with the legislation will be automatically classified as high risk.You can choose to have your boundary device/s (*) tested by an approved IQP technician.

We can test the devices for you. A boundary device is the containment device at the point of supply.

Backflow Valve Failure

Have a valve which has failed and needs replacement? We can get this arranged, and tested quickly for you. We have an in-house IQP who is an expert at changing valves.

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backflow preventer - get them tested annually