Rheem Gas Storage Hot Water 

Rheem gas storage hot water heaters have been available in New Zealand since 1969. They were introduced to the market to enhance the use of gas energy in the home. Available for both internal and external applications the gas storage hot water cylinder still has its use and place, however in most and many cases has reduced in popularity due to the introduction of the all new gas continuous flow hot water heater.

Choosing a Rheem Mains Pressure Gas water heater will ensure an abundant supply of hot water.

  • Quality from Rheem’s superior design and manufacturing.
  • Flexible to operate with mains pressure, unequal pressure, and low pressure.
  • Lined with vitreous enamel for areas of poor water quality where copper cylinders risk corrosion.
  • All Rheem products comply with legislative requirements (Gas and Electrical Certification Amendments 2013) For more information please visit the NZ Energy Safety website
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hot water cylinder - gas storage rheem water heater
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