Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinders – The Number One For Efficiency… But, Which Model is Best?

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The average Auckland home spends about 30% of their energy costs on heating water for their home, so what would the savings be for you, if you could save *80% of one third of your power bill.

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ecoplus hot water heat pump cylinder deals

A word of caution on Hot Water Heat Pump Systems

There are many different brands of heat pump hot water cylinders flooding the market, however if I was you, I would be very careful when choosing which one is best.

Some models claim to be super efficient, however I can honestly tell you from experience that cold showers soon take the shine away from the savings if you buy a model that just doesn’t perform as it should.

Some of the models have very slow recovery of hot water to help efficiency levels, however this just doesn’t work for the average Kiwi family.

Make sure you get good advice on which is the BEST HEAT PUMP HOT WATER HEATER to buy.

Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing How Water Heat Pump

Which are the best Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinders

Before you decide what model is best for you, you first need to be sure about how much hot water you are going to use per day.

You need to be able to store a large volume of hot water.

If you use lots of hot water, storage volume is critical, as recovery of the hot water is slower than traditional electric hot water cylinders.

Some of the models that claim extreme efficiency, are a bit misleading. They focus on telling you about cost savings, rather than telling you that it will take about 10 or 11 hours to recover a full tank of hot water. Yes, very efficient, but not so great when you end up with no hot water to do the dishes at night.

Believe me, one of the earlier models, which I installed on my own home was very frustrating, as we run out of hot water once a week at least.

heat pump hot water system

Is the Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder a good one?

Actually they are one of the better models we have installed.

Heavy Duty Heat Pump:

The latest generation in electric water heaters (hot water cylinders). The large 310 litre storage capacity and increased recovery rate of the Rheem heat pump hot water cylinders is excellent. The Rheem heat pump hot water cylinder uses approximately 1/3 the amount of electricity of a conventional electric water heater. Saving you up to 2/3 of your hot water energy cost.

You will see they claim to of addressed the common issues which most have, that’s why they rate quite highly.

The economical Rheem Heat Pump uses ambient heat from the atmosphere as its primary energy source. Advanced single-pass top-down heating technology delivers hot water to the top of the tank, heating the tank from the ‘top-down’ and providing usable hot water faster. Fast recovery rate minimizes Heat Pump operation, extending product life. Packaged as two separate components and connected during installation for simpler handling, delivery and installation.

Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing Rheem HDI 310 Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder

ECOPLUS – The Latest and Greatest Hot Water Heat Pump System

Based on results from multiple installations we have done, of many different models of heat pump hot water heaters, the ECOPLUS is our favourite.
Why, because it does everything it says it will, is super efficient, and every single customer we have fitted one for has been more than happy with it.
As they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating!
The ECOPLUS hot water heat pump system is a highly energy efficient alternative to traditional electric or gas water heaters. This system runs on electricity but requires substantially less power to heat water than conventional hot water systems.
*The savings are based on case study and lab test results. Actual results may vary depending on ambient temperature and hot water usage.
Operating range: -10°C to +42°C
Key Features
  • Whisper quiet operation (37dB)
  • Automatic heating cycle
  • Fast heat recovery
  • No backup element required

The ECOPLUS system uses a split system design where the heat pump unit and stainless steel tank can be installed separately — allowing flexibility of the storage tank location, allowing for split installation up to 15 metres distance horizontally, and up to 3 meters vertically from the heat pump unit 

Being a specialist type product, the installation of the ECOPLUS must be carried out only by licensed and qualified installer supported by an licensed electrician.

Regency Plumbing have been the chosen installer of the ECOPLUS heat pump system for Auckland and much of the North Island, basically from Taupo North. Regency Plumbing is a specialist hot water heating company and have already installed a number of the ECOPLUS hot water heat pump systems and we will have more images and video testimonials added as soon as we can to inform you on just how brilliant they are.

Regency Plumbing probably install more hot water systems of all kinds than any other installer in NZ, and we are very impressed with the new ECOPLUS.

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*Terms and Conditions apply, and further on you will find more information on what is included in our standard package for the ECOPLUS system.

ecoplus a combination of sanden and rheem creating one very exciting hot water heat pump system
ecoplus hot water heat pump installed by regency plumbing
Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Installation

So, just how good is the ECOPLUS Hot Water Heat Pump System?

According to Glenn – Brilliant!

Hi guys, Many thanks for a job well done. The job was done to a very high standard by guys obviously at the top of their game. Kinda cool hearing tradesmen singing while they work, and the mood well reflected in the finished product. The pipework, wiring, isolating switch and finished job look exceptionally tidy compare to what it replaced. Was a nice touch being shown the completed installation by tradesmen, with a quick explanation of form and function (when they finished).

I am amazed by quietness of the unit during operation and the functionality is almost unbelievable. Just (5) minutes after initially turning system on, the water coming out of the tap was warm enough to have a shower (no wonder the claim 80% savings). Will be interesting to see power bills going forward compared to the more expensive solar system it replaces! And almost forgot to mention, our shower pressure has increased post install – another plus!

Cheers Glenn, Kingseat, Auckland

Rheem | Sanden – The experts who put their best ideas together to come up with the best possible unit on the market… The ECOPLUS Hot Water Heat Pump System

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ECOPLUS Hot Water Heat Pump System – Mains Pressure, and Super Efficient!



We’ve put together a special package price to supply and install a brand-new mains pressure heat pump hot water cylinder for you, to replace your old hot water cylinder in Auckland.

* We also do outside of Auckland, however additional rates apply for travel.

It’s sometimes very hard to put everything into exact words, what’s planned for, what’s included, and what we will be doing, however I have tried my best to make it clear for you,

In a general overview the new hot water cylinder will include:

  • An ECOPLUS 300 litre mains pressure outdoor heat pump hot water cylinder,
  • A full new set of mains pressure control valves,
  • Seismic restraints to ensure your cylinder remains upright,
  • Any plumbing work required to complete installation,
  • And any new pipework, and connections that are required,
  • Plus, we have also included an electrician to complete a basic switch and electrical connection to get your new hot water cylinder up and running again.

PLUS: if you upgrade your old cylinder right now, we’ll give you a $150 TRADE IN on your old hot water cylinder, brass valves, and scrap pieces of pipework, to help us keep the replacement cost of your new one to a minimum. (of course, this only applies if we take away your old cylinder, valves, and scraps of pipework)

So, if you take advantage of this great package deal and all the savings, right now you’ll only pay $8587 including GST for the complete package.

ECOPLUS 300L Heat Pump Hot Water System




PLUS: right now, you will also get an energy saving BONUS OFFER chucked in for FREE!

  • We will fit pipe lagging, or insulation to all the hot water pipes in and around the cylinder up to a maximum of 4 metres in length for FREE. A lot of heat, and energy is lost from the pipework on and around your hot water cylinder.

So, it’s a great deal we have for you right now. The full retail price of this job is normally $9,663.69, so therefore – this package includes a total savings of over $1000! A great deal, but only available at this price for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

You will be delighted… GUARANTEED!

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In summary:

Plumbing, electrical, and removal of the old cylinder and valves, is all included.

This is a complete package, however there are potentially a couple of issues we can encounter on installations like this which are not included as standard in our set packages as they’re only occasionally required, so we find it best and most appropriate to just charge them as an extra on those jobs.


  • On any jobs that we have allowed to complete the electrical work for you, in relation to the job we are doing, should the electrician deem it to be unsafe, or non-compliant with current regulations, and therefore will not be able to issue a code of compliance certificate, upgrades will be required. This will cost extra over and above our quotation for basic electrical work normally required on a job like this, but after all it is for your safety, so worth getting it sorted while we’re there. This could be the wiring, the switches, the fuses, RCD circuits, or even the switch board itself.
  • Should any of the old plumbing pipework at your property be the old black plastic piping, which is well known to be problematic, and prone to bursting randomly which has caused some major damage for customers in the past, or even old, galvanized pipe, we can remove it and upgrade it for you while we’re there to give you the peace of mind your plumbing is durable and watertight for the future. This would be extra, over and above the package price.
  • If you already have a low-pressure hot water system, you’ll be aware of the poor performance you get from it, particularly in the shower. This of course will be no better with your new replacement cylinder, so we highly recommend upgrading to a mains pressure hot water system. New mains pressure hot water systems start from about $2987 and go up from there depending on what option you choose. Many people, in fact most people who don’t have mains pressure already choose to upgrade. We can discuss the options with you.
  • Should you choose to upgrade to mains pressure hot water, from low pressure, occasionally we find the old tapware, particularly shower mixers don’t always work very well, or are noisy with a new high pressure hot water system, so if you’re upgrading from low pressure, you may need to either modify or upgrade the existing shower mixers. This is not included in our standard quotes as it’s quite rare now that this is required, however we can arrange a solution to the problem for you should there be an issue once we test the new system. If you’re replacing your shower anyway, then obviously there won’t be any issue with the shower mixer.
  • And finally, if any unforeseen issues or circumstances arise outside of our control that cause the job to be delayed, held up, or prolonged for any reason, no penalties can be claimed against Regency Plumbing.

* Our general hot water exclusions include:

  • No allowance has been made for any other subtrades work unless it is listed clearly in the details,
  • Should you “the customer” decide for any reason you no longer wish to proceed with the job after we have started to travel to site. A full refund will be given excluding our minimum service charge and restocking fee of $200 plus GST. It is recommended that any cancellations if required are made the day prior, if possible,
  • This quote has been based on us completing the work within 1 site visit on the same day. Any additional site visits required that are out of our control will be charged at our regular rates,
  • No allowance has been made within this quote for the installation of a cylinder tray, unless you had asked for it and we’ve clearly noted it as included in the quote,
  • No allowance has been made within this quote for the replacement of the timber floor below the cylinder if required due to water damage. Should we find that the existing floor needs replacement a quote will be provided for the work,
  • Should we be required to extend a new cylinder drain more than 5m to the external gully we will charge $25 per meter for each additional meter,
  • We have only made allowance to re-connect the new hot water cylinder in the existing location. Should we be required to extend the hot and cold-water supplies to a new location there will be an additional charge of $25 per meter of pipe. This will be added to the final bill on completion of the job. 
  • We have only made allowance to run up to 10m of Dux Secura hot and cold-water pipework from the new water heater location to the water connection points. Should we be required to extend the water supplies further than this there will be an additional charge of $25 per meter. This will be added to the final bill on completion of the job. 
  • We often find when we come to properties that they are not fitted with pressure limiting valves. We recommend that a limiting valve is fitted to every property to protect the pipe work and fixtures from over pressurization. Should your property not have one, we are able to supply and install one for you for an additional cost of $250 plus GST.
  • Should you require a new flue or roof flashing due to the old one breaking, coming apart, or the roof flashing slipping when we fit new cylinder this will be charged as an additional cost. Most of the time this is not required though, so we have not included it in the price.
  • And sometimes we can’t get the old cylinder out due to it being built in with shelves. If your cylinder is built in, or surrounded in shelves, not allowing us to easily replace the cylinder, extras would be charged for any building related work. This could be for refitting shelves, refitting door, or even more in-depth building work in some cases.
  • This is a general list of exclusions and possibly the whole list will not directly relate to your job, however we feel it’s always best to be clear upfront before we start work to avoid any unwanted surprises!

But to be very clear – in all cases, if we come across any issues outside of the quoted value – we will notify you right away, we will discuss with you, we will provide estimated additional cost to make good, or alter, and it will be agreed upon by you and us before we proceed, eliminating the shock of a significant, or any price inflation from the original quote.

How long does a job like this take?

In most cases a standard hot water system upgrade will all be completed within the day.

We are very focused on a quality outcome, and sometimes if you rush too much the quality is compromised. It’s better to take a little extra time than be disappointed, but it would be very rare to not be able to complete the installation within the same day we started job.

So, what’s the plan from here:

We really look forward to completing this project for you, and we hope to hear from you very soon. If you need to chat about anything, just give us a call, we are here to help and make your job easier.

If you’re happy with everything already, all you need to do is liaise with our team to establish a time frame that works for you to get it done, arrange a deposit of 50%, and your date will be locked in for you.

And just one final reminder for your own peace of mind:

If you’re not already confident we are the best choice to complete your job, I encourage you to read more about us on our website and check out our fabulous reviews online. We have a fantastic team of plumbers, gasfitters, and other contractors to carry out your work, we do an amazing job, we take care of everything for you, providing you great service, a job completed professionally, on time, to budget, and HASSLE FREE!


I had Regency Plumbing to install Gas Hot Water at my property and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them. All the way from dealing with Annaliese to the guys on the day, job all done and tidy, so professional. Highly recommend this company!! Thanks guys

Carol Sweeney

ECOPLUS 300L Heat Pump Hot Water System




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ecoplus hot water heat pump cylinder deals
ecoplus heat pump hot water cylinder
Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Installation
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