Discover Efficiency: Choosing the Best Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder Model

Unlock Savings Up to 80% on Your Hot Water Heating Costs, Rain or Shine!

Heating water accounts for a significant portion of household energy expenses, with the average Auckland home spending approximately 30% of its energy costs on this aspect alone. Imagine the impact on your bills if you could save up to 80% of this substantial portion.

At Regency Plumbing, we understand the value of efficient hot water systems and the potential for substantial savings. But with numerous models available, how do you determine the best fit for your needs?

ECOPLUS: Your Path to Efficiency

Our spotlight model, the ECOPLUS Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder, stands as a testament to efficiency, delivering unparalleled energy savings. By harnessing advanced heat pump technology, this system extracts ambient heat and converts it into efficient water heating, ensuring optimal performance regardless of weather conditions.

Choosing the Right Model

Selecting the ideal model amidst various options might seem daunting. Factors such as capacity, energy efficiency ratings, and specific features play a pivotal role in determining the best fit for your household.

At Regency Plumbing, we’re here to guide you through this decision-making process. Whether it’s the ECOPLUS model or another from our range, our expert team will help you navigate the options, providing tailored advice to match your requirements.

Explore Your Options Today

Ready to delve into the world of energy-efficient hot water systems? Reach out to us now to discover more about the ECOPLUS and other models available. Our team is committed to ensuring you secure the best-suited system for your home’s heating needs.

Make the smart choice for efficiency and savings – contact us today!


ecoplus heat pump hot water cylinder
ecoplus heat pump hot water cylinder installed by regency plumbing

Navigating the Maze of Hot Water Heat Pump Systems: A Cautionary Tale

In the sea of options for heat pump hot water cylinders flooding the market, choosing the right one can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Allow me to offer a word of caution: not all models are created equal.

Amidst the claims of super efficiency and promising savings, I’ve learned through experience that reality can fall short when your hot water system doesn’t perform as expected. Picture this: the allure of savings quickly fades away when you’re greeted with unexpectedly chilly showers.

Some models prioritize efficiency through a snail-paced recovery of hot water, a feature that sounds good in theory but falls flat for the average Kiwi family. After all, who has time to wait around for hot water?

When it comes to investing in a Heat Pump Hot Water Heater, it’s imperative to seek sound advice. Choosing the BEST model is key to ensuring you’re not left in the cold with underperforming systems.

At Regency Plumbing, we’re committed to guiding you toward the ideal Heat Pump Hot Water Heater that suits your needs and promises the performance you deserve.

Don’t gamble on your comfort – opt for expert advice and secure the perfect Heat Pump Hot Water System for your home today with Regency Plumbing!


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Choosing the Best Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinders

Determining the best heat pump hot water cylinder revolves around understanding your daily hot water consumption.

The key factor lies in ample hot water storage capacity.

For those using significant amounts of hot water, storage volume becomes critical due to slower hot water recovery compared to traditional electric cylinders.

While some models boast extreme efficiency and cost savings, the reality might differ. These models may emphasize savings but fail to mention their slower hot water recovery time—taking about 10 or 11 hours to replenish the tank fully. This efficiency might not be so great when faced with a lack of hot water for evening chores.

Personal experience with an earlier model installed at my home proved frustrating, leading to frequent instances of running out of hot water.

heat pump hot water system

Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder: A Reliable Choice

When it comes to heat pump hot water cylinders, the Rheem model stands out as a commendable option based on our extensive installation experience.

Heavy Duty Performance:

The latest generation of electric water heaters, Rheem’s offering boasts an impressive 310-litre storage capacity and an accelerated recovery rate. Notably, these cylinders consume about a third of the electricity typically utilized by conventional electric water heaters, translating to potential savings of up to two-thirds on your hot water energy costs.

Addressing Common Issues:

Rheem’s design aims to tackle prevalent issues encountered in standard models, earning it high ratings among users. The advanced technology harnessed by Rheem Heat Pump Cylinders efficiently utilizes ambient heat from the atmosphere as its primary energy source. Innovative single-pass top-down heating technology ensures quicker heating from the top of the tank downwards, facilitating faster availability of usable hot water. This rapid recovery minimizes the Heat Pump’s operation, thus extending the product’s lifespan.

User-Friendly Design:

The Rheem Heat Pump system is conveniently packaged as two separate components, simplifying handling, delivery, and installation during setup.

The Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder emerges as a reliable and efficient choice, offering not just superior performance but also addressing common drawbacks found in conventional hot water systems.

Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing Rheem HDI 310 Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder

Introducing the Rheem ECOPLUS 300L Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder:

Your Energy-Efficient Solution

When it comes to efficient and environmentally friendly hot water systems, the Rheem ECOPLUS 300L Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder stands out as a pioneering choice. Engineered with cutting-edge heat pump technology, this system is designed to revolutionize your hot water experience while significantly reducing energy consumption.

Efficiency Redefined

The ECOPLUS 300L harnesses the power of heat pump technology to extract ambient heat and transfer it to your water supply. This innovative approach maximizes energy efficiency, ensuring consistent hot water while drastically cutting down on electricity usage compared to conventional electric hot water cylinders.

Savings and Sustainability

Reducing energy bills and minimizing your carbon footprint becomes effortless with the ECOPLUS 300L. Its energy-efficient design not only provides consistent hot water but also translates to substantial cost savings over time. By choosing this system, you’re making a proactive step toward sustainability without compromising on comfort.

Rheem Quality and Reliability

As part of Rheem’s esteemed line of products, the ECOPLUS 300L exemplifies quality and reliability. Built to deliver enduring performance, this hot water cylinder is a testament to Rheem’s commitment to manufacturing robust and durable systems.

Expert Insights

While the ECOPLUS 300L Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder offers remarkable benefits, individual experiences may vary based on installation, usage, and maintenance. To ensure the optimal performance of this system, seeking guidance from experienced professionals, such as plumbers or heating specialists, is recommended.

Upgrade to Efficiency Today

Experience exceptional energy savings and reliable hot water supply with the Rheem ECOPLUS 300L Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinder. Revolutionize your home’s hot water system while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Contact us today to explore the benefits of upgrading to the Rheem ECOPLUS 300L and start enjoying the advantages of efficient, environmentally conscious hot water!


ecoplus a combination of sanden and rheem creating one very exciting hot water heat pump system
ecoplus hot water heat pump installed by regency plumbing
Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Installation

Glenn’s Testimonial: A Glowing Recommendation

Glenn from Kingseat, Auckland, enthusiastically commended the ECOPLUS Hot Water Heat Pump System with one word: “Brilliant!”

Glenn’s Experience: “Hi guys, Many thanks for a job well done. The job was executed to an impeccable standard by professionals clearly at the top of their trade. It was quite a delight to hear the tradesmen humming tunes while they worked—a reflection of their upbeat mood that resonated in the finished product. The attention to detail in the pipework, wiring, isolating switch, and the overall finish looked exceptionally neat compared to its predecessor. It was a nice touch being given a tour of the completed installation by the tradesmen, providing a quick rundown of its form and function once they finished.”

Glenn was thoroughly impressed by the system’s performance: “I’m amazed by the quiet operation of the unit, and its functionality is almost unbelievable. Within just five minutes of switching on the system, the water flowing from the tap was warm enough for a shower (no wonder they claim an 80% savings). I’m eagerly looking forward to monitoring power bills compared to the previously more expensive solar system it replaced! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention—the shower pressure has notably increased post-installation—a significant bonus!”

Glenn’s glowing endorsement highlights the remarkable efficiency and superior performance of the ECOPLUS Hot Water Heat Pump System, which stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Rheem and Sanden—the experts who crafted this exceptional unit.

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ecoplus heat pump hot water cylinder installed by regency plumbing

Upgrade to an ECOPLUS Hot Water Heat Pump System – Enjoy Efficiency, Savings, and Comfort!


Are you in Auckland and seeking a more efficient hot water solution? We’ve curated an exclusive offer to install a new mains pressure heat pump hot water cylinder, perfect for replacing your old system.

Understanding the specifics of what’s included and what’s planned can be challenging. However, here’s an overview of what you can expect:

Inclusions of the new hot water cylinder:

  • ECOPLUS 300-litre mains pressure outdoor heat pump hot water cylinder
  • Full set of brand-new mains pressure control valves
  • Seismic restraints for cylinder stability
  • Complete plumbing work including necessary pipework and connections
  • Inclusive service by an electrician to facilitate basic switch and electrical connections for a hassle-free setup.

We’re dedicated to delivering an all-inclusive solution that guarantees your satisfaction and convenience!

Don’t miss our special offer: Trade in your old cylinder, valves, and pipework for a $150 credit towards your new installation!*
PLUS, receive a FREE energy-saving bonus: pipe lagging or insulation for up to 4 meters of hot water pipes surrounding your cylinder.
This exceptional deal won’t last long—act now to secure these savings and guarantee your satisfaction!
Contact us today to seize this incredible offer!
*The Trade in Offer is only valid upon the removal of old cylinder, valves, and pipework, and is included in the advertised price.



Special Note: Basic electrical connection fee is included in our package pricing.

Our price covers plumbing, electrical work, and removal of the old cylinder and valves.
While this is a comprehensive package, certain rare installation issues may arise that aren’t part of our standard set packages. These exceptions are charged separately as needed for those specific jobs.

Potential Issues and What to Expect

  1. Electrical Safety and Compliance: Should our electrician deem the existing electrical setup unsafe or non-compliant with regulations, additional upgrades may be necessary for your safety, incurring extra charges beyond the standard electrical work quoted.

  2. Plumbing Concerns: We recommend replacing old, problematic black plastic or galvanized piping during the installation, ensuring a durable and secure plumbing system. This service is an add-on to the package price.

  3. Unforeseen Circumstances: Any unforeseen circumstances causing delays won’t result in penalties against Regency Plumbing.

Terms and Exclusions

  • The quote assumes completion within one site visit on the same day.
  • Exclusions include specific subtrades work not explicitly mentioned in the details.
  • Cancellations after our team has started traveling to the site will incur a minimum service charge and a restocking fee.
  • Additional charges may apply for extra site visits beyond our control.
  • Various exclusions like cylinder trays, floor replacements, extended piping, pressure limiting valves, new flues or roof flashings, etc., are not included but will be discussed and agreed upon before any additional work proceeds.

Project Timeline

  • Most standard hot water system upgrades typically finish within the day.

Next Steps

  • We’re eager to complete your project and are available for any queries or clarifications.
  • To proceed, coordinate with our team to schedule the installation, pay a 50% deposit, and secure your preferred date.
  • For your confidence in our service, explore our website and stellar reviews online.

Customer Testimonial

  • “I had Regency Plumbing install Gas Hot Water at my property, and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about them… Highly recommend this company!! Thanks guys” – Carol Sweeney
ecoplus a combination of sanden and rheem creating one very exciting hot water heat pump system
ecoplus heat pump hot water cylinder
Auckland Plumbers - Regency Plumbing Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump Installation
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