Have you got an old bathroom that has seen better days, or an ensuite that just does not look the way you want it to?

Are you embarrassed when friends come over about your bathroom?

Is your bathroom just not practical?

Have you bought a new house with horrible bathrooms, that need remodeling?

Whatever the reason is that bugs you about your old bathroom that has caused you to look up Regency Bathrooms is a great reason, and we would like to tell you that no matter what that reason is, we can help you.

At Regency Bathrooms we can take care of the whole Bathroom Renovation process and project for you?

There is a lot more to a bathroom, than ever meets the eye.

Over the years people have considered the bathroom to be a utility space, or room of convenience, however more often than not now people are making bathrooms a special room in the home, with ambiance, style, and character, making it more usable, enjoyable, and a room where you can feel comfortable, where you can relax and unwind from a busy day at work, and can enjoy long winter evenings soaking in a luxurious designer bath with a glass of wine if you wish.

At Regency Bathrooms we believe the bathroom to be the most important room in the house.

Why? it’s as simple as this… If I create for you a well thought out, cleverly designed bathroom, gave you a spacious luxury tiled shower with high pressure endless hot water, fitted a sleek back to wall toilet suite, a stylish wall hung vanity with a big mirror over it, and topped it off with some swanky chrome accessories, effective LED lighting, and adequate ventilation for steam extraction, you would be delighted… GUARANTEED!!!

On the flip side, if I took your hot shower, or toilet away from you for just one day you’d be grumpy, miserable, and very unhappy.

So the bathroom is a room that deserves some attention

It is commonly known, the bathroom can make or break the sale of your home should you wish to sell, as people consider the bathrooms to be a costly room to upgrade should it be required.

It is also a fact that great bathrooms sell homes, as do great kitchens.

We always love it when we see the home owners joy when they see their beautiful new bathroom complete. The journey is all worth it, when you see the finished result of beautiful bathrooms.

So, why do bathrooms cost so much?

There is more to a bathroom than you think… from the designer, to completion of a modern bathroom renovation, there is a lot in between, and all parts are required and necessary for a successful bathroom. There is the products and materials, the designer and management of the bathroom renovation, and then all the tradesman… these include the plumber, builder, electrician, plasterer, painter, accredited water proofer, tiler, glazier, and underfloor heating installer, to name a few. And trust me, you use one bad tradesman when renovating your bathrooms and the whole project is ruined. Its not worth the risk.

So, if you need new bathrooms, or need your old bathroom renovated, but just don’t know where to start, Regency Bathrooms is a great choice.

Call us today – we would love to help with your new bathrooms… 0800 PLUMBER | 0800 758 623

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