Rinnai INFINITY ® Models are available in both Natural Gas and LPG, and will normally cost you $1900.00 inc GST each, just for the unit, but right now the team at Regency Plumbing, Auckland are offering you a supplied and installed package deal to have a new Rinnai INFINITY ® Gas Hot Water system installed in your property for just $3187 inc GST.

*NOW ONLY $3187 inc GST

And to make the deal even sweeter, on top of this great price you will also:

  1. PLUS if you connect to LPG through Regency Plumbing you will get your first bottle of LPG FREE (an additional savings of approx $100.00)
  2. And finally our package will also include up to $290 exc GST of electrical work to have your switch connected for the electronic ignition.

Can you believe how amazing our package deal is. *Terms and Conditions Apply

Key Features of the Rinnai INFINITY ® Gas Hot Water Heaters

  1. They are a high or mains pressure system.
  2. Having the new gas hot water unit on the exterior wall is fantastic for freeing up space.
  3. Just open up the hot tap and the hot water will flow. Endless hot water.
  4. For the family of girls who just love to shower all day long, the Rinnai INFINITY ® has got to be a winner.

Rinnai INFINITY ® Gas Hot Water Heaters – A GREAT CHOICE!

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Special Deal on Rinnai infinity gas hot water heater for auckland

PRICE $3187

*includes a FREE New Compact Controller.

The new Rinnai INFINITY ® Compact Controller is now available.

For homeowners, this new controller offers a contemporary design that will look great in modern homes. Functionally the same as the previous Compact Controller, it’s still the smallest and most affordable controller in the Rinnai range. It allows the user to control the temperature of their Rinnai INFINITY ® hot water heater. Also it increases safety for homes with young children, and allows diagnosis of problems in the unlikely event of a product fault.

Installing a Compact Controller adds two years’ warranty on the INFINITY ® water heater.

This latest version of the Compact Controller is compatible with the INFINITY ® A Series, VT and XR models. The product code is MC601A, and the Recommended Retail Price is $164 including GST.

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