Hot Water Cylinder Price Review and Guide, especially if you are in the market for a replacement hot water cylinder.


Many people ask me, “is that a good price for a new hot water cylinder”? A great question but not always so easy to quantify.

There is a vast difference between what you will get from one installer to the next. There is an extensive range of different hot water cylinder brands available now in NZ which all contribute to very different prices for what may appear to be the same thing to the average person.

Take a box of WheatBix

It will no matter whether you buy from Countdown, New World, Pak n Save, or the local Petrol station. you will get exactly the same product, but at possibly very different prices. This can happen with hot water cylinder prices as well, however you will find it even much harder to compare as you will not be getting the same thing at each store.

When you shop for a certain product, like a 600ml bottle of coke, yes you can easy decide who has the best offer.

But take a car – you can buy a brand new car which in a quick look appears the same, however if you really break it down line item by line item you could end up with something very different to the next guy. Sometimes you will get 2 cars for sale on trade me that seem the same but the price is $10,000 different. If you look closely at engine size, year, sound system, upholstery, extras, you will quickly see it isn’t always ‘apples for apples’.


You’ve had a quote, or you’re getting quotes. Maybe you have had 2 very different quotes. Maybe the hot water cylinder price you have in your mind is still different to the quotes. My tip to you would be – be very sure about why they are different. Also bare in mind that the quality of the job will range dramatically.

mains pressure hot water cylinder installed - hot water cylinder price

I see some great installations, and I see some really poor installations when I’m out and about looking at plumbing jobs.

Choose a good plumbing business. Choose someone who is an expert at installing hot water systems.

Get a hot water cylinder installer who understands the difference between the different models so you can be sure to get whats right for you.


Regency Plumbing I think install more hot water cylinders than any other company. We install hundreds every year. We pride ourselves on being the hot water experts. You may find our hot water cylinder price is not always the very cheapest. But I guarantee you find we are the cheapest for an ‘apples for apples’ job.

We could cut corners and reduce our price too, but this will never build a sustainable business.

Our motto is turning mediocrity into greatness. Doing a poor job just to do a cheap job, is bad for everyone. Bad for the home owner and bad for business. Remember the bitterness of a poor job remains long after the sweetness of a cheap price.

Our hot water cylinder price also includes electrical work.

Warning – many operators exclude electrical work.

We also include the necessary vales, seismic restraints, additional pipework.

Warning – many operators exclude some of these, if not all of them.

Sometimes you may think you have a great deal, until you get the extras bill. Sadly at that point its too late, as in their fine print they will have noted all the possible exclusions.


My suggestion to you is that you focus on the best new hot water system for you and your family if you have one. What will provide enough hot water, but still be efficient. Consider, will it meet your needs, but not be over the top. What will work for you?.

Focus on price and you will potentially end up with something that ticks very few boxes apart from cheap price.

At Regency Plumbing we have a talented team of ladies in the office who know more about hot water cylinder price options than most plumbers. I guess when they answer as many calls as they have to, you soon learn whats best.

I think I could safely say, “if you find any plumbing company offering better deals on Rheem hot water cylinders than Regency Plumbing, do yourself a favour and read the fine print”. Either there will be extras not included, or you will get a shoddy job done. We have priced as cheap as we can, but allowing to still do the job properly and to a high standard we are proud of.


Below is a poorly installed hot water cylinder. It is so bad that the hot water cylinder price compared to probably any other operator would be irrelevant. This installation I saw the other day on an older house in Half Moon Bay, Auckland. It is not even compliant. Probably not really even safe. I don’t know who installed it. But this highlights that it isn’t as simple as buying WheatBix. Start by choosing a professional licensed plumber from a reputable company like Regency Plumbing. Atleast that way you get a proper installation that is safe, works great, has a warranty, and will last.

hot water cylinder price - you would not want to pay for this one at all

This should actually look like the other cylinder installation further up the page. This is the result of 2 different operators offering the same job really but to very different standards.

Warning – the hot water cylinder price should be considered, but not always be the be all end all. This is why.

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