How much does a Shower Replacement in Auckland cost?


Replacing a shower is a great way to update or modernise a bathroom without undertaking a full bathroom renovation. But how much should a shower replacement in Auckland cost? Like many queries involving costs, the answer is usually “it depends”. In Auckland you can spend anywhere between $700 and $7000 on a single shower replacement. […]

Turkish Towels – Why are Turkish Towels Better?

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Authentic Turkish Towels made the traditional way will stay soft for years. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, creates a light, compact, stylish, and simply unbeatable towel that will dry super fast. If you have not already, I recommend you try a Turkish Towel today. TURKISH TOWELS BY SKIPPER – YOU’LL LOVE THEM! Skipper Turkish Towels […]

7 Tips for Bathroom Renovation in Auckland

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BATHROOM RENOVATION AUCKLAND You have decided to do a bathroom renovation for your Auckland house, but you are feeling overwhelmed. Check out these 7 important tips on bathroom renovation in Auckland and put your mind at ease. Why are you doing the bathroom renovation? Be sure in your own mind why you are doing the […]

BATHROOM 101 – Get The Bathroom You Want!

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BATHROOM 101 We all have a budget, we all have limitations, but BATHROOM 101 has got to be… Get the bathroom you want! GETTING THE BATHROOM YOU WANT For years possibly you’ve been thinking about ideas, planning your new bathroom. You have had many great and interesting ideas. You’ve dreamed about how amazing its going […]