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Bathroom Renovations Guide For Auckland

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If you’re thinking of renovating a bathroom in Auckland, this comprehensive summary of what to do, how much to spend, and what pitfalls to watch out for is the best place to start. Renovating a bathroom is always a good investment, regardless of your circumstances. If it’s for the house you live in, you will […]

How much does a Shower Replacement in Auckland cost?


Replacing a shower is a great way to update or modernise a bathroom without undertaking a full bathroom renovation. But how much should a shower replacement in Auckland cost? Like many queries involving costs, the answer is usually “it depends”. In Auckland you can spend anywhere between $700 and $7000 on a single shower replacement. […]

10 things to consider before renovating your bathroom

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Want to know what the most important part of a successful bathroom renovation project is? Good water pressure? A quiet flush? Heated floors? Fast demist mirrors? Yes, these are all important . But they’re not the most essential aspect. For that we need to back up a few steps. The thing that will make or […]

Process of Bathroom Renovations

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A Step-by-Step Guide to the Bathroom Renovation Process from your Auckland Bathroom Renovation Specialists Renovating a bathroom can be the most rewarding home project you’ll ever take on. It’s the most important room in your house – it’s the room that everyone uses, even visitors to your home (you probably can’t say that about any […]

Ideas to renovate your bathroom

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas How to make the most of a bathroom makeover in Auckland? So you’ve decided to take the plunge (pardon the pun) and renovate a bathroom. Where do you start? In some of our other blogs we’ve provided very detailed and practical guidance on how to manage a bathroom renovation in Auckland. In […]

How much does a Bathroom Renovation in Auckland cost?

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Bathroom Renovation Cost We have a short answer and a long answer for bathroom renovation cost — and they’re both worth reading.   But let’s start with telling you something about Regency Plumbing to set the scene.   Throughout the 20 years that Regency Plumbing has been serving clients in and around Auckland, we’ve always […]

Turkish Towels – Why are Turkish Towels Better?

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Authentic Turkish Towels made the traditional way will stay soft for years. Made from 100% Turkish cotton, creates a light, compact, stylish, and simply unbeatable towel that will dry super fast. If you have not already, I recommend you try a Turkish Towel today. TURKISH TOWELS BY SKIPPER – YOU’LL LOVE THEM! Skipper Turkish Towels […]

Toilet Flush – What Makes a Toilet Flush Well?

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WHAT MAKES A TOILET FLUSH WELL? Toilet flush.You can study the shape of the toilet bowl as much as you like. You can convince yourself about what shape toilet flushes best. But regardless of shape. A toilet with poor plumbing, the wrong sized connection, or skew to the pipe, will never flush well. It is […]

Papakura Plumber | Your Local South Auckland Plumber

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People often ask me, “How long have you been based in Papakura. Are you a  Papakura plumber? We thought you were Aucklandwide, not just a South Auckland plumber.” Well, let me clarify it all for you in a quick blog. PAPAKURA PLUMBER BY DEFAULT After growing up in Clevedon, completing secondary school in Papakura, then moving […]

Auckland Plumbing Company

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Do you have some Plumbing or Gasfitting work you require an Auckland Plumbing Expert for? 7 REASONS WHY REGENCY PLUMBING ARE REGARDED AS A WORLD CLASS AUCKLAND PLUMBING COMPANY We are On time, Every time, and We Clean Up, GUARANTEED! or the first hour is FREE Possibly we’re the only Auckland Plumbing Company that always […]