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You’ll often hear us refer to the bathroom as one of the essential rooms in the house, regardless of its size. The bathroom gets used by different household members, by visitors, and multiple times a day. So it’s vital to get your small bathroom design Auckland just right – making the most of the space you have.

Here are 10 of our most popular small bathroom designs Auckland for a small bathroom.

Design around the lighting

If you’re starting from scratch or are renovating with some flexibility around your small bathroom layout, consider the sources of natural light available in the room. Do you have a window that provides either morning or afternoon sunshine? Morning sunlight is great for getting ready at the start of the day – for shaving, doing hair and makeup, etc – but also as a mood lifter to get you out of your sleepy haze. Position your vanity and mirror in a way that takes advantage of the natural light. This will help brighten the space and make the room feel bigger than it is.

Tuck the toilet away

Whenever possible, try to position the toilet in a spot where it’s not visible when the bathroom door is open. This is sometimes tricky to do in smaller bathrooms, but if you can, tuck it behind a half wall or behind the door.

Avoid heavy cabinetry

Think about using floating shelves and vanities – ones that don’t go all the way down to the floor. This will create a “kick room” beneath the cabinets, making the room feel more spacious while still accommodating drawers and storage space beneath the sink. You may even want to consider a wall-mounted “floating” toilet.

Go large with mirrors

We all know that mirrors help a room feel bigger. Mirrors in a bathroom will also help reflect light and open up space, making it seem larger.

Use mirror cabinets

Placing a mirror cabinet above the sink is a genius way to combine the illusion of spaciousness that a mirror creates (especially if there is lighting above it) with useful storage space. You can have this type of cabinet recessed into the wall so that the mirror door lies almost flush to the wall (instead of protruding out too much).

Keep your colour scheme light

Like most rooms in the house, lighter palettes brighten and open a space up. Don’t confuse light with boring, though! We simply suggest staying away from dark walls or too much dark, heavy woodwork. Paint, wallpaper and furnishings in lighter colours, florals, beach or ocean themes – as well as the classic white – will all help a smaller space feel less cramped.

Experiment with the tile choice

Don’t be afraid to use a large tile size even though this is a small room. A lot of small tiles, along with a lot of grouting lines, may appear too busy. You might also want to consider a neutral-toned tile that you can use on the walls and floor, so you have a clean, smooth transition from the floor up to the walls without a noticeable break. Play around with rectangle tiles instead of standard square ones. What works best will depend on the size and shape of the bathroom – vertical rectangles will draw the eye up and make the walls look taller, while horizontal rectangles can help a room seem wider. Design software can help you play around with tile sizes, shapes and colours.

Choose a minimalist glass shower door

For a standalone shower, choose a shower door with minimalist, simple details to create a clean, uninterrupted line. The more details (metal trim, handles, hinges, etc.) that the door has, the more noticeable it will be. The idea here is not to draw attention to it as the room is probably too small for that design feature. If you shower over the bath, opt for a frameless glass screen instead of a solid slider or a shower curtain.

Put the shower in the corner

If this is an option for you, a corner shower will save some space in the room. Rather than choosing the traditional square shower, you can have a stylish angled shower or a corner shower with a round door. These shape options are still comfortable enough to shower while saving a bit of space in a small bathroom renovation.

Consider a cavity door

Rather than having the bathroom door swing inwards, which then takes up space in the bathroom, you might want to look into having a cavity door that slides into the wall space. This is a functional and stylish way to modernise a small bathroom design Auckland.

At Regency Plumbing, we’ve got you covered for all your small bathroom renovation needs. For more small bathroom design Auckland, have a read of our ideas to renovate your bathroom article or give Regency Plumbing a call. We’d be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote on your next bathroom Auckland project and help you make the most of that small but all-important room. 

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