Bathroom Renovation Auckland

A modern, functional, well-designed bathroom adds to the overall value of your house. Because it’s a room that gets used so often by all household members, the bathroom must be laid out and designed well. This is regardless of whether it’s the ensuite or the family bathroom.

The cost-effective way to renovate a bathroom in Auckland

While you don’t want to scrimp on a bathroom renovation (and create a room that will look like a cheap bathroom renovation). You also don’t want to spend more than you need to. We’ve summarised here a few simple bathroom remodelling ideas. That will help you save money on your bathroom renovation Auckland.

Talk to your plumber

We always advise people to talk to a plumber first. We know it may seem a bit backward to some people, as the tendency is sometimes to start looking for a designer or an architect. But we like to approach things with a very practical mindset. So the beautiful design fits in with the functionality (not the other way around).

As one of the most important rooms in your house, your bathroom has to function effectively. But what does that mean? For a start, all of the bathroom elements need to be in the right place. The team at Regency Plumbing can advise you on where the plumbing connections are. For instance, water coming into the bathroom and wastewater going out, and whether it makes sense financially to move them. Anything is possible, but you don’t want to spend extra money on moving plumbing connections and pipes if you can avoid it.

The other thing we can look at to help you save some money is whether it’s possible to maintain or re-use some of your existing fixtures. This might include pipes, connections, fittings, valves, etc. (The things under the sink or behind the walls you don’t see). Or it might include the bathroom components themselves, such as the basin, toilet, shower fixtures, shower door, etc.

All bathroom remodelling ideas and projects are different. For some clients, a bathroom renovation might be a complete gut and clear of the space with all new fixtures and finishings. For others, it might be slight changes to a part of the layout or upgrading just a few of the elements. If you talk to the team at Regency Plumbing, we can help you plan out your bathroom renovation Auckland. As well as see what elements and materials you can re-use from your previous bathroom.

Think about what you can do yourself

You don’t need to be a seasoned DIYer to pitch in and help save some money. As you talk to your plumber, ask them if there are any tasks you can do yourself. This is so you can prepare for the bathroom renovation or do once the plumbing work is underway.

You may find that removing the old vanity or cabinetry is easy enough to do yourself if you’re not too fussy about damage to the walls. For example, if the walls are going to be moved or replastered anyway. Have a look to see whether you can remove shelving, towel rails or mirrors yourself. Can you remove the flooring or tiles yourself? Be very careful and make sure you use proper protective equipment. Mainly if you’re working around potential hazards such as glass, wiring, sharp tiles. Please note, we’re not suggesting you do anything you’re not skilled in or comfortable doing. We intend to give you some ideas about possible DIY tasks.

When it comes to installing the new components of a bathroom, there aren’t as many jobs that we suggest people do themselves. Installation of all your new bathroom pieces (shower, toilet, basin, vanity, cabinetry, heated towel rail, underfloor heating, tiling) should all be done by a trained and skilled professional. The one job that we find homeowners are willing to do themselves is painting. You just need to make sure that your painting schedule doesn’t hold up the other tradies that need to work in the room. If you’ve got a tiler, plasterer, electrician and plumber all trying to coordinate their schedules and their teams in a small room. You don’t want to be holding them up by only being able to paint when you get home from work.

The DIY components of a bathroom renovation are usually best left for the teardown or removal of the old elements.

Have a plan and a budget – and follow them!

Like most things, success is easier to achieve with planning and preparation. The team at Regency Plumbing has helped many of their clients develop innovative bathroom renovations ideas. We have worked on helping hundreds of bathroom renovations Auckland since we started in the late 1990s. So we know the importance of having a meticulously planned project.

We start every bathroom renovation project with a budget and a plan. And we do everything we can to stick to them. When we initially meet with you, we’ll discuss your:

  • ideas
  • what you’re hoping to achieve with your renovation
  • whether or not you have a separate designer on board, and
  • what budget you want to worth with

We can show you samples of a variety of bathrooms we’ve worked on to give you an idea of your project’s cost and help you decide on certain design ideas. We have access to many suppliers for bathroom fixtures, They can help you create the look you’re after with a range of products at different price points. Wherever possible, we will pass on our trade discounts to you as you purchase new items for your dream bathroom Auckland.

The first step in creating the plan and the budget is to give Regency Plumbing a call for a no-obligation chat and quote on your bathroom renovation Auckland project. Feel free to get in touch to see some of our bathroom projects.

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