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Watermain leaks, often end up with watermain replacements, but the process generally starts with Leak Detection.

Understanding Leak Detection

When you have a watermain leak, We can sometimes quickly and easily locate and repair your water main leaks.

water leak - leak detection may be required

If the water leak is obvious we will just dig up and repair. However if it is not obvious, we then use leak detection equipment to listen to the ground, tracing the water main until we hear the water hissing out. This will sometimes be done by our own team, or sometimes we engage water leak detector, an independent specialist with the latest high tech gear. It all depends on the situation and complexity of surroundings. Once they have then located the leak, we then come back and repair. Either way, we make it all hassle free for you the customer, all you have to do is call us.

Locating the leak – Do you need leak detection services?

burst water pipe - emergency plumber auckland

First we have to locate it. It can be a tough call, whether you need leak detection services or not. Even if you see the water seeping out, it’s not always where the problem is. Water can track a long way and appear somewhere further along the pipes. Our strategy is to have a look, isolate the leak to an area, and try to find the leak. If that fails, and we can’t find it, then call in a leak detection specialist.
It can be a challenge, especially when there is lots of concrete, or a right of way situation. Successful leak detection can avoid breaking up concrete in the wrong place.

How to be sure you have a water leak?

Well, you will generally see water leaking, or you will get a high water bill. The 2 most common ways. Sometimes though, you will not see the leak, and you wont know you have a water leak until you get a big bill. Always be mindful of this and check for leaks periodically. To be sure about the water leak you can do a water leak test on your water meter if you wish.

How to do a water leak test?

leak detection - water meter test - regency plumbing

Doing a leak test on your meter is easy and can save you a call out for a plumber. It will not fix the leak, or avoid the need for leak detection, but it will confirm you need help.
To do a leak test find 10 minutes when you won’t use the water. This can be overnight or during the day. Locate your water meter, and record the numbers in red on the dial. Then just wait for 10 minutes and read it again. If the dial has turned and no one has been using water, then the water is leaking somewhere.
TIP – write the numbers down, do not just try to remember them. Or you will be doing it again most likely… Based on experience.

Why do water pipe burst, break or leak?

leaking watermain pipe - auckland plumber saves the day - regency plumbing

Your water main has most likely been there since the house was built. For some homes this could be 50 years. A lot of pipes only last 20 – 30 years. Once pipe ages and perishes it is more prone to bursting. You will also find that once your water pipes have been repaired, the next weakest point on the pipe may burst soon after. At some point the decision might need to be made to replace the entire water main. We can help you make an educated choice on what to do once we have seen condition.
Broken pipes can also be very common in the summer, especially as the ground dries out and cracks.
So, leak detection required, or no leak detection required, if you have a leak, get it fixed. If it is a reoccurring problem, get a new water main. If you are just overwhelmed and don’t know what to do – call an expert. Regency Plumbing have replaced and repaired so many watermains we have lost track, thousands! we know what is best to do, and how to do it.

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