Califont Hot Water: Your Path to Instant Comfort and Efficiency

califont water heater

In the realm of modern comfort and convenience, few innovations rival the significance of hot water systems. Among them, Califont hot water systems stand tall, offering unparalleled efficiency and reliability. Let’s explore why Califonts are the optimal choice for those seeking instant comfort and efficiency. Understanding Califont Hot Water Systems Califonts are engineered to provide […]

Unlocking Efficiency: The Ultimate Guide to Califont Water Heater in NZ

califont water heater

In the realm of modern comfort and convenience, few innovations rival the significance of hot water systems. Whether it’s for your morning shower, washing dishes, or powering industrial processes, having reliable access to hot water is indispensable. Amidst the array of options available, The califont water heater stands out as a beacon of efficiency, functionality, […]

Unlocking the Benefits of Gas Hot Water Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

gas hot water systems

In the realm of hot water, gas-powered options stand out for their efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Whether you’re considering upgrading your current water heater or exploring options for a new installation, a continuous gas hot water model offer a range of benefits worth exploring. Join us as we delve into the world of gas hot […]

Hot Water Cylinder Repairs in Auckland

low pressure hot water cylinder replacement in auckland nz - hot water cylinder repairs in auckland

A chilly shower on a cold morning is the last thing anyone wants to experience. If your hot water cylinder is causing you distress, worry not – Regency Plumbing is here to offer swift and effective hot water cylinder repairs in Auckland. Say goodbye to icy showers and welcome back the comfort of warm water […]

Rinnai and Rheem Hot Water Heating Systems – Which is Better?

rinnai infinity ef26 installed in mt eden auckland - rheem vs rinnai

A Comprehensive Comparison for Hot Water Heating Systems by Regency Plumbing Introduction: When it comes to hot water heating systems, choosing the right brand is crucial for ensuring efficiency, reliability, and longevity. Two prominent names in the industry, Rinnai and Rheem, have been competing for the top spot. As Regency Plumbing, we understand the importance […]

Gas Hot Water System – Must Knows!

continuous gas hot water system for your house

If you’ve made up your mind to get a new gas hot water system, here are a few things you should know, from an expert! Are there multiple kinds of Gas Hot Water Systems? The answer is yes, but generally split into just 2 categories. There are gas continuous flow hot water heaters And there […]

Rinnai Infinity A26 Most Popular Califont in Auckland

Rinnai Infinity A26 Most Popular Califont in Auckland-infinity-a-series-image-regency-plumbing

Rinnai Infinity A26 Most Popular Gas Hot Water Systems – Continuous flow gas water heaters and califonts. Never run out of hot water with a Rinnai gas water heater. The most popular gas water heater or califont in Auckland NZ. Rinnai knows that simple is beautiful, which is why Rinnai INFINITY® continuous flow gas hot […]

Endless Hot Water and Powerful Showers!

RHEEM 27 LPG GAS HOT WATER HEATER - endless hot water

Endless Hot Water Systems are what we do! If you’re in the market for a new hot water system, you need to get in touch with Regency Plumbing. A market leader in hot water systems for many years now and will put your mind at ease when it comes to choosing the best hot water […]

Everything you need to know about your Water Heater

maximum temperature in your bathroom should be 55 - hot water cylinder temperature nz

Why do you run out of hot water? What can go wrong with your water heater? When should you repair or replace your hot water heater? How can you avoid running out of hot water? We have no hot water – what’s wrong? The first sign of trouble with your water heater is usually a […]