Gas Fireplace Installation Cost

Gas fireplaces are a sophisticated and energy-efficient way to heat a room in your home. Gas Fireplaces are easier to install than wood-burning options, cost less to run and are significantly easier to maintain. This makes a gas fireplace an excellent option for homeowners who would like to retrofit a fireplace into a room that doesn’t currently have one.

Gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular due to their many positive features and advantages, they also have a few disadvantages. Both need to be considered carefully before making your decision. The advantages include a wide range of finish options and a fireplace to suit every room; they produce real flames; they are low maintenance; they are energy efficient; and are easy to install and no chimney is needed. The disadvantages include the glass doors becoming very hot; a carbon monoxide risk with gas; it does not sound or smell like a wood fire, and some models may deplete oxygen.

There are several factors that influence the cost of installation listed here, they need to be considered carefully. Saving on the cost of installation means you might be able to buy a better unit.


There are many options for finishes to your fireplace, these will affect the cost of the unit and price of installation. The surround is what makes the fireplace part of the room, options include tile, brick, wood and stone.


Gas fireplaces also come with two different ventilation options, these will also affect the cost of the unit and installation. The first type is a direct-vent fireplace, which requires that the fireplace is located on an outside wall to allow for a chimney. This allows the byproducts of burning gas to exit naturally, and fresh air is brought in with very little risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ventless models can be installed anywhere, as they do not have a chimney to vent outside. This model can deplete the room of oxygen but has a safety function to turn the fire off if this happens.

Gas supply

A gas line installation may be an additional cost if you do not have an existing connection to the house and do not currently use gas for cooking or heating water. When it comes to running costs for the fireplace, LPG is more expensive than natural gas.


The specialised work involved in installation means labour to install a gas fireplace will be high, it requires a gas fitter, electrician or builder (depending on the installation). The ventilation of the gas fireplace will also determine the cost of labour as the direct-vent option requires a chimney installation.


The maintenance requirements also determine the ongoing running costs of a gas fireplace. Other than minimal inspections and cleaning, no major maintenance is required. This keeps the running costs of a gas fire low and limited to gas usage.

It’s important to settle on your budget prior to installing a gas fireplace, taking great care to consider the factors listed here carefully. Look for a retailer who can project manage the entire build from purchase to installation, this will save you time and money. If you have a tight budget, buy the best fire you can and compromise on the installation, a high-quality fireplace will last a lot longer and save you money long term. You can always change or add finished down the line as money becomes available.

Gas fires have come a long way, they now support more features such as versatile installation options; intelligent smartphone control; high performance with ambience and sophistication; and energy-efficient. Some retailers who  provide a project management service offer design consultancy services such as colour and finishes consults; furniture sourcing and design; soft furnishings; and window treatments. These services allow you to save money and blend the gas fireplace into your existing room seamlessly.

Regency Plumbing has decades of experience installing Rinnai Gas fireplaces and we recommend the Rinnai Evolve 952. It can be installed in almost any room and can heat rooms up to 125 square metres. It’s operated via remote control and has a heat output of 2.4kW – 8.1kW. It has a staggering energy efficiency rating of 86% which makes it’s running costs anywhere from $0.46 – $1.57 per hour for LPG, or $0.36 – $1.21 per hour for natural gas. Regency plumbing is currently offering to install the Rinnai Evolve 952 for just $8,687 which includes the gas fire, fascia, direct flue kit and all the gasfitting and electrical work. Get in touch with us to take advantage of this amazing offer. 

12 thoughts on “How much does gas fireplace installation cost?

  1. Chris Chen says:

    We have a wood fireplace. Can you change it gas fireplace? Gas pipe out let is near the fire place already.

    • Regan says:

      Yes, hi Chris.
      Absolutely you can change your old wood fire to a gas fire.
      Just call the office and ask to speak to Shaun. He is one of our directors.
      Clever guy and will have a solution for you.
      Call 0800 PLUMBER | 0800 758 623

  2. Ella Patchett says:

    We have an existing open fireplace – which we have never used. Is it possible to add a gas fireplace to this?

    • Regan says:

      Hi Ella,
      Yes you sure can, well certainly in most cases.
      There is a few changes that need to be made, but then its all done and you have a very nice heating system at the flick of a switch.
      Just call and our estimator can come and give you a quote.
      Thanks Regan

  3. NIGEL DEAN says:

    Hi There
    I’m looking at removing a old gas inbuilt fire from a existing open fire. What is the install cost and can I reuse the existing flue ?

    • Regan says:

      Hi Nigel, we can certainly help you.
      Just call the office and arrange a quote.
      We need to view job to price.
      Thanks Regan

    • Regan says:

      Hi Anne-Marie
      We’d be happy to provide you a quote for a new gas fire.
      Please contact the office on 0800 PLUMBER | 0800 758 623
      Thanks Regan

    • Regan says:

      Hi Anne Marie
      Just call our office and we can arrange a quote for your new gas fire.
      Note we can’t do quotes in level 4.
      Regards Regan

    • Regan says:

      Hi Anne Marie
      We can arrange a quote for your new gas fire once we come out of level 4.
      Just call the office then to make a booking.
      Thanks Regan

  4. Ruth Smith says:

    Hi I am doing a new build and we will be installing a gas water heater.
    We would like a gas fire in the wall and a T. V above this.
    What gas fire would you recommend & what can we get the builder to do to prepare this wall for installation??

    • Regan says:

      Hi Ruth

      Almost any of the inbuilt fires will be fine, as long as the gas fire is installed to the manufacturers specifications.
      I would suggest you choose a fire you like the look of, check that the clearances required fit your build, and then buy one.
      Once you have the fire the builders can create the proper space required.

      We sell fires and install fires. Obviously we do all gas fitting work, however in most cases with new builds the architect will have already specified a fire and that is what is fitted. If you want a different one you’ll just have to do an amendment I guess.

      Anyway, hope this helps. If not call and ask to speak to a gas fire expert from our team.
      We can also provide a quote for your plumbing and gas fitting work required if you are in Auckland.

      Thanks Regan

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