Hot Water Cylinder NZ – Experts in Auckland!

When you want reliable hot water for your Auckland home, you need to start with a good hot water cylinder. And if your hot water cylinder fails, you need to be able to depend on Auckland’s water heating experts.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a more energy efficient hot water system or you need your current hot water cylinder repaired fast, we have a great solution for you.

Regency Plumbing can assist with your hot water needs.

A team of Plumbers in Auckland – to take care of your Hot Water Cylinder

Regency Plumbing are well know as the Hot Water experts for Auckland. Our Auckland Plumbers will be at your door when you need us. We will send a technician for all your hot water emergencies. Or if you need a new hot water cylinder, we will also take good care of you.

No matter what brand or model or what the issue is with your existing water heater, we can repair it and have you enjoying reliable hot water again fast. We replace hot water cylinders almost every day of the year.

Hot Water Cylinder Installations in Auckland

Choosing the best hot water cylinder for your needs is important. Not all hot water cylinders are equal, the same, or even similar in many cases.

To help you make an informed choice, we can discuss all the hot water options with you to match the needs of your home, family, lifestyle and budget. Once we know what cylinder will be best for you, then we can complete a professional installation.

To ensure you get maximum efficiency and lifespan of your system, it is vital to have your hot water system installed by a professional.

We can ensure you get a complete and safe installation of a system that is correctly sized, rated and positioned for maximum efficiency and we’ll even take the old one away for you.

Check Regency Plumbing for specials offers… GET A $150 TRADE IN on your old hot water cylinder now!

The safety of your family is of extreme importance to us. We can show you hot water safety solutions to protect your family from risk of scalding. It’s not that difficult, just requires the correct safety valves to be fitted. Most commonly a tempering valve.

Which Brand of Hot Water Cylinder is Best

Rheem is a proven New Zealand brand that has been around for over 40 years. If you are after a hot water cylinder or continuous gas hot water system then this is one brand we recommend for you. Whether you are looking for a gas hot water cylinder or an electric hot water cylinder Rheem is a top quality brand.

Rinnai is the other choice for a quality Hot Water Cylinder in NZ.

Both are the big names when it comes to hot water options for New Zealand conditions.

Who’s the other big name for Hot Water Cylinders in NZ?

Regency Plumbing, not for manufacturing, but for installation of your new hot water cylinder. Get in touch today.

Regency Plumbing – “Turning Mediocrity into Greatness”


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