What are downpipes?

Downpipes are the vertical drainage pipes you see on the outside of a house. They connect to the spouting or guttering as part of a complete guttering system. The purpose of downpipes is to channel rainwater (or melting snow if you live in a cold climate) down from your roof to the stormwater network, garden or grey water collection tank.

How many downpipes do you need?

You will usually see a downpipe at every corner of a house, but there is more than just the aesthetics to consider. Downpipes need to be spaced out and positioned based on their catchment capacity.

This is something that we at Regency Plumbing calculate when we install downpipes or replace any part of your guttering system. If you’re getting too much water run-off in one area, or you’re getting continual blockages in the system in one or two areas, it may be a case of your downpipes not being in the right place or not being spaced out accordingly.

When we work on a new Auckland home build, or when we replace spouting, gutters or downpipes, we have an overall guttering plan to make these issues don’t occur. If you need us to come and repair or replace part of your existing gutter system, we will assess whether your downpipes are in the right places and spaced appropriately.

What are downpipes made of?

Nowadays most residential downpipes, spouting and guttering are made of PVC (hard plastic). They used to be made in ancient times from lead, and then from iron. But you won’t see many Auckland homes anymore that have metal downpipes.

The range of Marley downpipes

At Regency Plumbing we are proud Auckland suppliers of the range of downpipes, guttering and spouting from Marley:

  • 15-year guarantee
  • will not rust/corrode – designed for NZ’s salt-laden coastal air
  • UV resistant – to handle NZ’s harsh summer sun and high UV levels
  • 100% recyclable – used spouting and downpipes can be returned to Marley for recycling
  • made in NZ – proudly made here in NZ for over 40 years

Marley is quite innovative with their range of downpipes. Along with standard sizes and profiles, they also supply:

  • Curve® is a leaf and debris diverter that combines sleek, sophisticated design with innovative filtering technology
  • Twist® is a compact rainwater diverter that quick connects your downpipe to a small tank.
  • 6 colours (white, black, grey friars, ironsand, copper, titanium)

Spouting downpipe guttering pipe colour

Cleaning, maintaining, repairing, replacing downpipes

Regency Plumbing can look after your downpipes for you – and your entire guttering system. It’s absolutely crucial that you keep your downpipes well-maintained and in good, clean condition. Failure to do so may lead to water damage to the interior or exterior of your house. It may also affect the process of converting your grey water into re-useable water (a great idea if you want to help with the Auckland water shortage).

If you rely on tank water in Auckland for your potable water, it is absolutely essential that you have your downpipes checked, repaired and replaced when necessary. Potable water is any water used for various types of consumption – it is safe to drink, cook with, brush your teeth with, wash and shower with, give to your pets, fill your pool or spa with. The process of using tank water for potable water is made easier and safe if you keep your downpipes and gutters free from debris and other blockages.

Give the team at Regency Plumbing a call to find out more or to get a quote on checking or updating your downpipes or gutters.

Reminder about the Building Code

The New Zealand Building Code has specific compliance requirements that pertain to the disposal of rainwater from external surfaces, along with measures to ensure that surface water cannot enter the building. These are detailed in section E1 (surface water) and section E2 (external moisture) of the Code. Therefore, we recommend that if you are planning to install, repair or replace your spouting, guttering or downpipes, you give us a call at Regency Plumbing to ensure you remain compliant.

Give Regency Plumbing a call for a quote on unblocking, repairing or replacing your spouting, guttering and downpipes.

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