Why Use Central Heating?

Central heating is a great way to keep your entire house warm and dry

We’re seeing more and more New Zealand homes with central heating. Gone are the days of using small space heaters to heat one room at a time. There are many reasons why it makes more sense to have central heating throughout your house in Auckland.

If you’re thinking of using central heating, let these benefits convince you it’s a great idea.

It is more economical

There are initial set-up costs, but once installed, gas central heating becomes a more economical way to heat your home. With space heaters or individual room heaters, you continuously have to bring a cold room up to a liveable temperature each time you move through the house. You enter a cold bedroom at night and need to wait for it to get warm. You rise in the morning and find the bathroom and kitchen freezing cold from a night without heating. Blasting these spaces with heat as you use them to get them heated quickly is an inefficient and expensive way to heat your home.

Central heating allows you to economically heat the house with radiant heat rather than heating one room at a time with draughty air. 

It is faster to heat than other methods

Gas central heating uses warm water transfer to produce heat. A main boiler or heat pump is the heat source that generates the heat. Warm water then circulates through a closed network of pipes, carrying heat around the home to radiators or to the pipes laid in the floor for underfloor heating. 

Central heating, therefore, raises the temperature of your home faster than other methods, as water transfers energy at a higher rate than air.

There is no waiting for a room to heat up as a central heating system warms the home faster, and it enables you to set the temperature in different zones on a timer.

Your home will be drier

A dry home is a lot less likely to have mould and allergens. Because the windows and walls stay dry, you’re less likely to need repair work over time. Moisture and mould are some of the main reasons why windows and window frames need replacing.

Your family may be healthier

Central heating doesn’t blow dust and allergens around like an air-forced system would. The ability to create a radiant, constant temperature creates a dryer environment. A warm, dry home will undoubtedly mean your family members won’t be sick as often with colds, allergies, achy joints, sinus headaches, migraines, etc.

It’s quiet and comfortable

Central heating is a silent method of distributing heat throughout the house. There is no clanging of space heaters, no whirring of fans or other mechanical parts, and no sound of air blowing or forced air. You hardly notice it’s there.

Central heating is suitable for new or existing homes

Many of our clients at Regency Plumbing consider installing central heating when they’re building a new home. It is possible, however, to retrofit central heating to an existing home. If you’re upgrading your heating or renovating your property, we can advise you on the best way to install central heating into an existing home.

Central heating is more effective

For all of these reasons, central heating is a more effective way to heat your home. It is more economical, heats your home evenly, keeps your house dry and warm, and as a result, keeps your family healthy.

In short, central heating delivers even, quiet, healthy, therapeutic warmth that is highly economical.

The Regency Plumbing team can install, repair, replace any type of heating system in your home. Give Regency Plumbing a call and we can discuss what options may be best for you.

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