Rain, rainfall, precipitation, downpour, deluge, thunderstorms, spring showers, winter torrents … whatever you call it, it’s all a part of life in Auckland. Even in 2020, one of our driest years on record, we still had over 700 mm of rainfall (compared to the 1200 mm annual average rainfall that we usually get).

With all the rain that Auckland normally gets, it’s important to pay attention to the spouting, guttering and downpipes you have on your home.

Spouting, guttering, downpipes – what’s the difference?

You might not give them much thought (until there’s a problem), but these are all important parts of your house structure and your home maintenance.

Together, your spouting, guttering, downpipes all work together to keep your home dry and free from water damage. When you look at it that way, you realise how important it is to keep them maintained and cleaned.

Spouting, guttering

Spouting and guttering (or gutters) are words that are often used interchangeably. They are the pipes around the roofline of your house where water run-off (rain) is collected from the roof. From the spouting or guttering, it runs down the vertical downpipes into the stormwater network, garden or into a grey water collection tank.

Rather than having rain run straight off the roof, causing damage to the walls or foundation (and soaking people below), rain is directed from the spouting to downpipes in order to control where the water is collected.


Downpipes are the vertical drainage pipes you see on the outside of a house. They connect to the spouting or guttering as part of a complete guttering system. The purpose of downpipes is to channel rainwater (or melting snow if you live in a cold climate) down from your roof to the stormwater network, garden or grey water collection tank.

Creating the most efficient guttering system for your home

Spouting, guttering and downpipes need to be spaced and positioned based on their catchment capacity. This is something that we at Regency Plumbing calculate when we install downpipes or replace any part of your guttering system. If you’re getting too much water run-off in one area, or you’re getting continual blockages in the system in one or two areas, it may be a case of your downpipes not being in the right place or not being spaced out accordingly.

When we work on a new Auckland home build, or when we replace spouting, gutters or downpipes, we have an overall guttering plan to make these issues don’t occur. If you need us to come and repair or replace part of your existing gutter system, we will assess whether your gutters and downpipes are in the right places and spaced appropriately.

Spouting, guttering, downpipes as a design feature

Spouting, guttering, downpipes now come in a variety of colours, and we’re seeing more and more homeowners getting creative with the colours they’re using on the exterior on their houses. We’ve seen a great range of combinations and house styles, and would be happy to do through some options with you. You might want to choose a contrast colour to add some character to the exterior of your home. Or you may look to select a colour that is close to the colour of your window trims for a unified look.

Marley is one of Regency Plumbing’s trusted suppliers. They offer an excellent range of guttering, spouting and downpipes in a variety of sizes, profiles and colours.

The Marley range of spouting, guttering, downpipes

Known for their quality products and versatile range, Marley products:

  • are made in NZ – proudly made here in NZ for over 40 years
  • are 100% recyclable – used spouting and downpipes can be returned to Marley for recycling
  • are UV resistant – to handle NZ’s harsh summer sun and high UV levels
  • will not rust/corrode – designed for NZ’s salt-laden coastal air
  • have a 15-year guarantee

The Marley range of spouting, guttering, downpipes that we install includes:

  • a range of spouting/guttering profiles – round, half round, quarter round, Roman, square
  • a range of downpipe profiles – round, rectangular (square look), narrow options, compact bend options
  • Curve® is a leaf and debris diverter that combines sleek, sophisticated design with innovative filtering technology
  • Twist® is a compact rainwater diverter that quick connects your downpipe to a small tank.
  • 6 colours (white, black, grey friars, ironsand, copper, titanium)

Talk to the team at Regency Plumbing about our trade-in offer when you upgrade your old spouting, guttering and downpipes to colour.

The importance of keeping your spouting, guttering, downpipes clean

The spouting on your home is important for two main reasons. First, keeping your spouting/guttering clean, clear and in good condition will help reduce the amount of maintenance work needed on your home. Second, clean and tidy gutters will make it easier to collect rain water to use as grey water (and, thus, save on your water bills) – particularly important in Auckland.

Debris can get blown into the gutters when it’s windy or rainy. Anything from leaves, branches, pine cones, birds’ nests, dead rodents – it can all cause havoc in your drainage system. Especially when wet, these things can put a lot of extra weight on the guttering system, potentially causing damage. So it’s important to keep your spouting, guttering and downpipes as clean and clear as possible.

If you’re not confident climbing a ladder up to your roof, and you’re in Auckland, give us a call at Regency Plumbing. We can do it with all the right equipment and skill to do it safely and in a fraction of the time it might take you to do it yourself.

If you suspect something may be stuck in your guttering – or if it’s been a while since anyone has checked the guttering – give us a call. We’ll look for debris, blockages, cracks, leaks and anything else that may be preventing the guttering system from working efficiently.

Preventing damage to your guttering

Preventing a problem to your guttering is always easier and cheaper than fixing damage. At Regency Plumbing we can provide you with a few easy-to-use products to keep your guttering clear and working properly. Depending on the size and condition of your guttering, spouting screens or gutter guards may be just what you need to keep dirt and debris under control.

Keeping your spouting clean for grey water collection

If you’re interested in collecting and using your grey water as a way to reduce your water bills and do your part for the environment, then it’s very important to keep your spouting clean and in good condition. You can read more about collecting rain water into a grey water tank here

If you’re on tank water or are converting collected rainwater into potable water (water used for consumption, cooking, washing, etc), then it’s absolutely essential that you keep your gutters clear of rodents, rodent waste, birds and birds’ nests. If you’re in Auckland, talk to the team at Regency Plumbing about the best way to harness the water from your roof to use as potable water – we’ll start with reviewing your spouting system.

Reminder about the Building Code

The New Zealand Building Code has specific compliance requirements that pertain to the disposal of rainwater from external surfaces, along with measures to ensure that surface water cannot enter the building. These are detailed in section E1 (surface water) and section E2 (external moisture) of the Code. Therefore, we recommend that if you are planning to install, repair or replace your spouting, guttering or downpipes, you give us a call at Regency Plumbing to ensure you remain compliant.

How Regency Plumbing can help:

  • regular or one-off checks, cleans
  • repairing damage, cracks, leaks to spouting, guttering, downpipes
  • replacing damaged or old spouting, gutters, downpipes – full or partial replacements
  • guttering plans and installation for new builds or renovations

This is such a crucial part of your home – don’t attempt to do it yourself. Contact the experts at Regency Plumbing.

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