Are you tired of being cold and want to find out more about underfloor heating?


Is underfloor heating expensive?

Is underfloor heating economical to run?

There are many different underfloor heating systems… which is best for me? We will try and help you with a few questions on underfloor heating in this blog.


These systems are hydronic radiant floor heating systems. They use a gas boiler or heat pump to produce a warm supply of water. This is then circulated via a small pump through plastic pipes installed within the concrete slab. The pipe in the floor carries heated water that conducts warmth to the surface of the floor where it then pushes heat energy to the room above. It is a very clever system which gives you even heat/warmth across the entire house.

This has got to be one of the ultimate luxuries for your new home.

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It all depends on how you see it. Everyone forms their own opinion of what value for money is. Most people have different priorities in life. Everyone makes their own choice as to what they will spend their money on, whether or not, investing in underfloor heating systems is important to them.

When you consider the complexity, the amount of work in setting up underfloor heating, the cost is well and truly justified. But, yes for most the cost / investment upfront is significant.

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After you experience the long term benefit of underfloor heating, your first warm winter. The bitter pill you had to swallow (the cost) doesn’t seem much more than a panadol tablet.

The kiwi way has always been to just pull on another jumper or jersey. These days, people are starting to expect more. Heating for the home is a key part of the design. Even down to the basic insulation, every home must have it. At some point no doubt, every home will have to have a heating system. New Zealand gets cold. The environment we live in is often damp, especially in winter. For a dryer, healthy, warm home of luxury, look into underfloor heating systems. The long term benefits of underfloor heating, for your health and the homes health will be significant.

So is underfloor heating expensive, yes, but it all depends on what is a priority for you. Some people will buy a car knowing they will lose $20,000 the moment they drive out of the dealership. You could spend $20,000 on an underfloor heating system and it will go up in value with the home. So it is an investment for sure, and well worth considering.


Why does the cost vary so much?

This is an interesting question. Can I quickly say, the difference is justified. The installers are not all scammers. There are 2 real considerations in my view. Maybe 3, but we’ll start with 2.

  1. What energy source do you have available. What underfloor heating systems are going to be available to you. Sometimes you will have to run with a gas boiler. Or sometimes you will have to run with a heat pump. Possibly you may be able to use diesel, or waste oil. There are many options. Obviously if you are on a small section in the city though, you are not going to want a big diesel tank. Or if you don’t have access to natural gas, you could use LPG, however most systems are not as cost efficient on LPG. So maybe not always a good choice. Some areas may not allow certain energy sources. So number one, what system you can have will have a large bearing on cost, as every system is very different in upfront cost.
  2. The more you pay up front, the cheaper it will be to run long term. Not 100% accurate, but as a rule, spend more money up front for an efficient system, and you can run is efficiently for ever. Buy the cheapest possible system you can get up front, and you will pay for it as you go. Even worse, if you are on LPG bottles you are really aware of the cost as you have to keep replacing them. The cost does not change, but as the bottle truck turns up every week, you are very aware of gas consumption and the cost. Based on my experience now, I feel LPG for heating is the last resort. It works fine, but customers are left really aware of the cost and inconvenience to run.


TIP – You may not be getting ripped off. You may not need to go and get a 5th quote after-all. just to find it is different again. What you may need to do is ask more questions. Understand why the underfloor heating systems vary so much in price. Then be sure to understand the long term running cost differences. They are extreme differences that you need to be aware of before finalizing your decision.

Sometimes a split system can be ideal.


When I refer to a split system, I refer to a system with say a mix of underfloor heating and radiators. Having a mix can be very effective, and also economical to run.

Getting good advice from a reputable installer like Regency Plumbing right at the beginning, is a good idea. You may just find the perfect solution for your new home is not as costly as you first thought. Also you may find you can get a system that saves you money long term in operating costs.

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Radiators are also now very sleek, stylish, and well worth considering – to find out more [CLICK HERE]

I hope you have found this blog useful, helpful, and interesting.

If you need any more help, information, or a quote, we would be more than happy to help you.

For underfloor heating systems, Regency Plumbing have an expert design and installation team.



Get underfloor heating – be warm this winter!

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