It’s a great time to get a water tank

If you’ve been looking for ways to reduce your water bills and increase your household supply of water in light of current and/or future potential water use restrictions, a residential water tank is a great idea.

In mid-2020, Auckland Council removed resource consent fees for the installation of rainwater tanks at residential properties, making it even more affordable and accessible to start using tank water.

Have a read of our blog Is it worth getting a water tank? to learn more about the process of having a water tank installed.

What size water tank do you need?

Water tanks are becoming more and more popular – even on properties where there is a centralised water supply, with property owners looking for ways to top up their supply.

There are several factors we consider in deciding with you what size water tank you need:

  • Where is your home or bach located, and what are the rainfall averages?

Most of our clients are in Auckland or the surrounding areas, where water restrictions came into effect in 2020. Many people are, therefore, looking at installing a water tank to collect rainwater or stormwater. 

  • How many occupants are there in your household?

We look at the number of people who use water in your house or bach, as this will affect water use. We also look at the age and stage of family members, as some water use habits change accordingly.

  • What is the water usage like in your house or bach?

When advising on what size of water tank will suit your household best, we ask some questions to get a good idea of your usage and how much water you may need from your tank. By usage, we mean: how many baths or showers you and your family members take, whether you have babies or small children who enjoy regular baths, if you have a lawn or garden that needs water, how often you wash your car(s)/boat/surfboards, etc.

  • How much space do you have for a tank?

We’ll look at the space you have on your land, beside or near your house or bach, and whether you have room under a deck that is appropriate for a water tank. We usually recommend the bigger the better. When a tank is used to top up centralised water supply, we usually find that once clients get accustomed to using tank water, they begin using it more and more, particularly for non-potable purposes.

  • The size of your roof

Usually, the larger your roof and the more extensive your system of downpipes are, the more rainwater you will collect. Therefore, you will need a larger tank.

Regency Plumbing can discuss all of these factors with you, and advise you on the best size, shape, location and type of water tank to meet your needs and budget.

Feel free to refer to the household water consumption guide from one of our trusted suppliers, Promax. But don’t worry … Regency Plumbing can help calculate all of this with you.

What size and shape do water tanks come in?

Regency Plumbing has put together some very special packages on water tanks.

Our water tank special package includes:

  • A Promax 1,000 litre water tank, 7 colours to choose from
  • A plastic pump cover box, colour matched to water tank
  • A domestic Wallace HJ60 water pump – a powerful little pump
  • Pipe and fittings to set up water tank and pump (maximum of 5m pipe length)
  • A copper pipe feed to a hose tap securely mounted – ready for use
  • An electrician to install an outdoor power supply
  • PLUS – fitting of one downpipe from spouting to tank, and overflow back to stormwater outlet (maximum of 6m pipe length)
  • Additional downpipes can be added for a small additional cost, depending on length and distance, accessibility and proximity to the water tank.

This is a great water tank solution at a very affordable price. NOW ONLY $3987 inc GST Installed. *

For your own water tank and water supply, the small upfront investment is definitely worth it for the long-term benefit of saving money on water and the convenience of having your own supply to use on whatever you like.

So, get in touch with Regency Plumbing and have your water tank installed in Auckland.

Call… 0800 PLUMBER / 0800 758 623

*Terms and conditions apply on all packages. The price is based on a level site and access being possible by human effort and lifting (no mechanical assistance required). The price is based on a basic set of requirements for set out and installation.

NOTE: Due to popular demand, stock is limited, so order times are extended more than what we would usually expect. In most cases, installation will be made within 15-20 working days, but is subject to availability of water tanks. We will do our best to get your new water tank fitted as soon as possible.

At Regency Plumbing, we strongly recommend using a water tank even if you already have water supplied from a central water supplier. Have a read of our blog Is it worth getting a water tank? to learn more about the benefits of having a water tank.

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