Choosing the Best Waste Disposal Unit in NZ: Why Insinkerators Reign Supreme

Insinkerator Model 56

BEST WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT NZ Which is best for you? When it comes to waste disposal units in NZ, finding the best one can make a significant difference in your kitchen’s functionality and cleanliness. At Regency Plumbing, we believe that Insinkerator waste disposal units stand out as the top choice for homeowners. In this blog, […]

How long should an “Insinkerator” or waste disposal unit last?

waste disposer

When do you need to replace a waste disposal unit? Let us begin by first addressing all of the different ways we refer to this handy little kitchen gadget. The word “insinkerator” is actually a brand name that has become a household name – and its proper spelling is InSinkErator. But we also refer to […]

What can you put in a food waste disposal unit?

InSinkErator - Waste Disposer Unit

Are there things you should not be putting down your InSinkErator? One of the most useful kitchen appliances in our homes is the InSinkErator – also known as the food waste disposer, the waste disposal unit, the sink disposal unit. It’s a must-have for most of us as we’re now much more aware of different […]