Felton Mixing Valve – Unequal Pressure

NZD$265.00 NZD$149.00 .inc GST

Felton Shower Mixer. Trusted by New Zealand plumbers and homeowners for over 50 years. It continues to prove its reliability and performance time and time again. When you’re stuck with low pressure hot water the Felton shower mixer is hard to beat.


Be sure to get the right model or you’ll be disappointed. FMU – Felton mixing valve is for unequal pressure showers only. We can also supply other models to suit other pressures.

Features and benefits

  • For Unequal Pressure only (Blue).
  • Pair with a Feltonmix wallset.
  • Designed and Made in NZ.
  • Watermark certified.
  • Engineered to suit New Zealand water pressures.

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felton mixing valve – all pressures – on sale at regency plumbing auckland
Felton Mixing Valve – Unequal Pressure

NZD$265.00 NZD$149.00 .inc GST

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