There are a few ways to heat the water for your home, and several options to consider:

It can seem a bit complicated, but at Regency Plumbing our job is to step you through some options and help you decide what’s best for your lifestyle, household size, usage habits and budget.

For all of the options available, we’re strong advocates of the Rinnai brand.

Our top 5 reasons for loving Rinnai are:

  1. They’re a well-established brand that has built a reputation on reliability and innovation.
  2. Their products have been working extremely well for Kiwi homes since the mid-1970s.
  3. They supply an extensive range of products, satisfying the needs of any budget or household size.
  4. All Rinnai appliances meet or exceed the safety standards required by New Zealand gas and electrical regulations.
  5. All of their products come with comprehensive warranty plans covering parts and labour.

Regency Plumbing has been proudly installing Rinnai products in Auckland homes since we started in 1998. We can help you with an extensive range of Rinnai water heating systems, including:

  • Low-pressure hot water cylinders
  • Mains pressure hot water cylinders
  • Smart Cylinder™
  • Continuous flow hot water heating – a great of Rinnai INFINITY®

A brand you can trust

Rinnai is a Japanese company that was founded in 1920 (100 years ago!) and has been supplying products to the New Zealand market since the 1970s.

Their products are reliable and affordable, and their customer support is fantastic.

To top it all off, Rinnai New Zealand has an environmental policy that focuses on “a healthier way of living” and guides the organisation’s drive to recycle and reduce waste as much as possible.

If you’re a property owner in Auckland looking to replace or upgrade your hot water heating system – whether it’s a hot water cylinder or a continuous flow systemtalk to us at Regency Plumbing about the range of Rinnai products.

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