Get your very own water tank installed now so you can use water for whatever you like, whenever you like. We offer great deals on packages and will arrange and install everything for you.

As Auckland continues to experience a severe water shortage, more and more people are looking into the possibility of installing a water tank on their property. If you think about all the ways you use non-potable water, it makes perfect sense.

First off, what is non-potable water and what can you use it for?

Potable water is water that is treated so that it is safe for human consumption – the water we use for drinking, cooking, food preparation, washing dishes, brushing our teeth, bathing and showering.

Non-potable water isn’t consumed and doesn’t come into contact with food, so it doesn’t need to be treated in the way drinking water is. Non-potable water can be collected in your own water tank and used for:

water tank 3000 litre - regency plumbing auckland

  • washing the car
  • rinsing the boat
  • watering the garden
  • flushing the toilet
  • washing sports equipment, bikes, surf boards, soccer boots, etc
  • water blasting the deck
  • hosing down the garden or roof on fireworks night

When you really think about it, we use water a lot at the home or bach – and often it doesn’t need to be treated. Rain water or tank water would be fine – and it’s free! 

Having your own water tank is a game changer…

Have you felt the impact of the Auckland water shortage yet? Has it inconvenienced you?
Are you curious about having your own water tank?
Are you tired of not being able to wash your car?
Do you have a boat you don’t use because you can’t wash it?
Maybe you’re a keen gardener, but your garden’s becoming a desert.

There are a number of practical reasons why it makes sense to get a water tank installed.

The good news on water tanks…

Regency Plumbing has some great package deals on tanks, ranging in size from 1000 to 25,000 litres – and all fitted with a pump.

We can supply and install for you, getting you ready for summer.

There is a small upfront investment, but the ongoing benefits of having your own water tank and water supply are worth it. You’ll save money on your water use and you’ll enjoy the convenience of having your own supply for whatever you like.

So, get in touch with Regency Plumbing and have your water tank installed before summer.

Call… 0800 PLUMBER / 0800 758 623

We have put together some very special packages on water tanks to enable you to get your very own personal water supply that you can use for whatever you wish this summer.

Maybe you’ve got a nice boat in the garage you can’t use because you’re not allowed to wash it. Then we have a deal for you.

Our water tank special package includes:

promax water tank - 1000L

  • A Promax 1000 litre water tank, 7 colours to choose from,
  • A plastic pump cover box, colour matched to water tank,
  • A domestic Wallace HJ60 water pump – a powerful little pump,
  • Pipe and fittings to set up water tank and pump (maximum of 5m pipe length),
  • A copper pipe feed to a hose tap securely mounted – ready for use,
  • An electrician to install an outdoor power supply,
  • PLUS – fitting of one downpipe from spouting to tank, and over flow back to storm water outlet (maximum of 6m pipe length),
    • Additional downpipes can be added for a small additional cost, depending on length and distance, accessibility and proximity to the water tank.
*NOW ONLY $3987 inc GST Installed

This is a great water tank solution at a very affordable price.

It would be tragic to leave the boat in the garage all summer, just because you can’t wash it when you come back in. Your tomatoes will only grow big and ripen if you keep them watered. If you want to water blast your slimy paths and deck, you’re going to need your own water tank. This is a great option.

The best deal on water tank installation in Auckland!

You can grab the standard set up with a 1000 litre water tank, or you can take advantage of this incredible upgrade offer if you secure your booking with a deposit by the 30 November 2020, including 2 massively discounted upgrade options.

  1. You can upgrade the package to a 3000 litre water tank for just $200 inc GST extra
  2. Or you can upgrade the package to a 5000 litre water tank for just $400 inc GST extra

In addition, you will get a complimentary $50 voucher for your choice of either Burnsco Marine if you’re a boatie, or a $50 voucher to Kings Plant Barn if you’re a keen gardener

Water tanks have never been more worthwhile, and so much in demand. They are the game changer for summer if you’re an avid boatie, gardener, or have just bought a new car.

So, for your own water tank and water supply, the small upfront investment is definitely worth it for the long-term benefit of saving money on water and the convenience of having your own supply to use on whatever you like.

So, get in touch with Regency Plumbing and have your water tank installed in Auckland by summer.

Call… 0800 PLUMBER / 0800 758 623

*Terms and conditions apply on all packages. The price is based on a level site and access being possible by human effort and lifting (no mechanical assistance required). The price is based on a basic set of requirements for set out and installation. Valid until 31 December 2020.

NOTE: Due to popular demand, stock is limited, so order times are extended more than what we would usually expect. In most cases installation will be made within 15 – 20 working days, but subject to availability of water tanks. We will do our best to get your new water tank fitted as soon as possible.

2 thoughts on “Water Tank Installation in Auckland

  1. Glenn says:

    I have 2 x 5000ltre water tanks to install.

    One will have to be manually pumped to ans will be a header tank. The other is near the downpipe but the downpipe is black metal is has a different diameter to plasic.

    • Regan says:

      Hi Glenn, sounds great.
      Have you been in touch with the office yet and booked it. Just call the office on our 0800 PLUMBER number and we can arrange whatever you need.
      We are installing lots of water tanks in Auckland now.
      Thanks Regan

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