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Shopping around for a new hot water cylinder can be confusing if this is something you’ve never had to do before. Unfortunately, replacing a hot water cylinder usually only happens every 15 years or so, so it’s not an area that you may know much about.

If you are doing some initial research on hot water cylinders, you’ll read about the difference between a low pressure hot water cylinder and a mains pressure hot water cylinder. The main difference is the pressure of your water. If your house was built before the 1990s, you might still be on low pressure water.

To confirm whether you’ve got a low pressure hot water cylinder, have a look at your cylinder. There should be a sticker on the side of it that indicates “low”, “low pressure”, “mains”, or something similar to indicate whether you’ve got a low or mains pressure cylinder.

The other test is to turn the cold tap on then off. Then do the same with the hot tap. Is the water pressure the same? If the cold water pressure is stronger than the hot water pressure, then you probably have a low pressure hot water cylinder.

There are many benefits and reasons why you’d want to switch over to a mains pressure hot water cylinder.

  • Better showers

This is the most noticeable difference between a low pressure and a mains pressure hot water cylinder. You’ll instantly feel the difference once you switch over to mains pressure. Your water pressure will go from approximately 75 kpa to 600 kpa. That’s a significant difference when it comes to having a good shower.

  • Even water flow

Once you switch over from a low pressure hot water cylinder to a mains pressure hot water system, you’ll notice that water is delivered to different areas of the house at the same pressure. For example, with a low pressure system, there is usually one bathroom that has better water pressure, depending on where it is. Or there may be different levels of water pressure in the sinks or laundry. There is strong pressure throughout the house with a mains pressure hot water cylinder, so no more fighting over who gets to use the “good” shower!

  • Savings on your water bill

We often find that clients use less water once they’ve switched over to a mains pressure hot water cylinder. This is because it doesn’t take as long to wash or rinse things. A stronger shower usually means a shorter shower. If you’ve ever stood under a shower with weak water pressure trying to rinse off, or you’ve tried to rinse togs or a wetsuit in a low pressure shower, you’ll know it can take twice as long. It’s simply not an efficient use of water.

  • Modern tapware and renovations

Most modern tapware and mixers will not work on a low pressure system. So if you’re considering doing a bathroom renovation or a kitchen renovation, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your hot water system to a mains pressure hot water system.

  • Longer warranties

At Regency Plumbing, we can supply almost any brand of hot water cylinder available in New Zealand. Our brands of preference are Rinnai and Rheem. We find them to both be top quality product ranges that we know and trust. In addition, mains pressure hot water cylinders tend to have longer manufacturer warranty periods.

Have a look at the Regency Plumbing information on upgrading from a low pressure to a mains pressure hot water cylinder.

Most of our upgrade or replacement packages include:

  • A brand new mains pressure hot water cylinder 
  • The latest new RMC mains pressure valve kit (including a tempering valve to prevent burning/scalding)
  • A selection of quality durable brass fittings on inlet and outlet connections and all connections to the copper pipework
  • Copper pipe for all visible hot water pipework
  • Seismic restraints to keep your new cylinder secure
  • Up to $300 including GST of electrical work by our preferred electrician to reconnect the new hot water cylinder
  • Peace of mind – your new hot water cylinder will be fitted to meet manufacturer specifications, compliant with all current regulations for hot water cylinder installations in Auckland. It will come complete with a manufacturer-backed warranty.

Regency Plumbing offers unbeatable prices in Auckland on low pressure hot water cylinder replacements. You can upgrade now from just $2387, including GST. Talk to us today about your hot water cylinder upgrade.

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