Replacement Gas Hob Special


This is for the person who already has a gas hob now and wants to have it replaced. If you want a complete new gas hob (so are upgrading an old electrical hob to a gas hob) and you have no existing pipe and connections, regulators in place, then extras would apply.

NOTES: Sometimes the electronic ignition – power cable for a gas hob can be hard wired in and an electrician is required for change over. This is not included with this package. If it is a 3 pin plug there will be no need for an electrician.

Included with the replacement hob will be a safety certificate, however, as we have to provide a certificate, if any part of the pipework, valving, or connections is not up to standard we will have to fix these to be able to certify the job. These may be extra. The basic connections to the new hob are all part of the package.