Felton Shower Mixer

NZD$615.50 NZD$467.00 .inc GST

We are clearing out the shed, and we have dozens of old Felton products to clear. Take advantage of this super offer today.

You can get a Felton mixing valve, complete with a new white wall set fitted – anywhere in Auckland for just $467 by Regency Plumbing (while stocks last)

It might not seem the coolest product out there any more, but man alive… are they hard to beat, especially if you have low water pressure.

Product Details:

Designer II Feltonmix™ Wall set – White – complete with handle and shower head pack
Mixing valve included
Designed and Made in NZ
Watermark certified

felton shower face plate white – on sale at regency plumbing auckland
Felton Shower Mixer

NZD$615.50 NZD$467.00 .inc GST

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