Leaking water main pipe

If you require a new water main from the meter to the house, then we use a blue medium density pipe which is a lot more heavy grade.In Auckland many older homes were originally piped with either galvanized or copper materials, and over time have developed leaks also, particularly in the water main pipe to the house, often going un noticed until you get a large water bill as they are generally under ground.Low water pressure, rusty coloured water, and leaking pipes are just a few of the symptoms of poor quality piping.
I know for many Auckland home owners when the water main pipe leaks or needs replacing they stress and worry about replacement due to the difficulty of getting it replaced. Well there is no need to worry, call in the experts and we will get it replaced for you, saving you from any more grey hair.

Pipework Replacements and New Piping could be required for a number of reasons.

Maybe you are adding an extension to your home, or maybe you have never ending leaks in your old pipework.

There are many reasons why people may need to repipe their home. Split Pipes and Burst Pipes are a common nightmare for many people with 20-30 year old homes in Auckland. Once they start to split they will just keep splitting and the fittings will start to burst here and there, often at the worst time. All homeowners should be aware of the signs of deteriorating pipes, bursting or splitting pipes, and suspect looking joints in your pipework which may cause at the very least a nuicanse, and in more extreme cases a disaster incurring massive cost in damages to your building.

At Regency Plumbing we choose the Dux Secura plumbing system for repiping of water lines as it proves to be unbeatable in our opinion and comes complete with a 25 year waranty which is great. This system is only good for internal plumbing pipework.
Why do we choose Dux Secura?

  • Clean – Dux is immune to corrosion and mineral build-up
  • Efficient – Dux resists condesation in cold water lines and retains heat in hot water lines – saving you money
  • Guarantee – Dux is backed by a 25 year warranty when Regency Plumbing installs your system – we are Dux Secura trained installers
  • Quiet – Your Dux system will reduce water noise
  • Peace of mind – Dux creates a safe, consistent, leak-free plumbing system
$500 TRADE IN!

*Get all your old black pipework upgraded to a superior new Dux Secura hot and cold water piping system now and you will get $500 TRADE IN for you old black pipework


Call us today to find out more about what we can do to solve your never ending nightmare of leaking pipes. From demolition, to replacing pipes, to fitting the new flooring, wall boards, decorating, new bathrooms, kitchens, we’ve got in all under control, you do not need to worry at all.

For more information about renovations – check our Bathroom Renovation page.

*Terms and conditions apply – applies to a complete house lot replacement only.

The series of photos from top to bottom is a house we visited in Auckland to find serious water damage. The people decided they were over tacked on floor board repairs and broken up flooring (an unsafe home) and it was time for repair. They took out a $50,000 bank loan and we got in and made a real difference. From removing the bathroom, laundry, toilet, kitchen, hot water cylinder, flooring in hallway and one bedroom, all the flooring in wet areas, wall boards where nasty mould was growing, and we went as far as we could with the funds they had available.

They were thrilled with the outcome. The finished photos are not here, of the final completed job, however you can see the transformation. The total cost of this job without completing all painting (as they did some of teh painting) was just short of $70,000.

We have become the go to company for this type of work – this job was actually referred to us through an insurance company of the client.

We have since done even more major transformations of these lower cost homes, severely damaged by black leaking pipes in Manukau City, Clendon, Papakura, Kelston, Rothesay Bay, Rothesay Bay, Torbay, Devonport, Titirangi, New Lynn, Browns Bay, Pakuranga, Highland Park, Conifer Grove, Manukau Heights, and Block House Bay, to name a few. There are pockets of Auckland where this old black leaky pipe in prominent, and we are in those areas often.

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