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When we talk to a customer about installing or replacing a hot water cylinder in NZ, we usually find that they come to us after doing a bit of research. Often the factor that helps them decide what model or size of a hot water cylinder to use is the price.

It’s important to consider the upfront cost of the hot water cylinder and the value over its lifetime. If you paid the same price for two different products, but one lasted for a year, and the other lasted for five years, which would you think was more valuable?

Before you worry about the cost of a hot water cylinder, then consider how long they last and how infrequently you need to buy one.

How long should a hot water cylinder last? Should I repair or replace my hot water cylinder?

If you’re spending money on a new hot water cylinder, you’ll probably want an idea of how long it will last. How often should you need to buy a new hot water cylinder?

Most hot water cylinders come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.

If you look after it and have regular maintenance done, you’ll probably be able to get closer to 20 years of use from a hot water cylinder.

When we are called to look at a problem with a hot water cylinder that is less than 10 years old, we’ll always aim to repair it rather than replace it. Even a hot water cylinder that is between 10 and 15 years old should have a few more years of use left.

Once a hot water cylinder reaches the 15-year mark, however, we start to weigh the costs vs benefits of replacing it. Depending on how much hot water you use and the climate where your house is, a hot water cylinder older than 15 years old will probably start to show signs of wear and tear. You might notice your water starts to smell funny or is slightly discoloured. This is a sign that there is corrosion in the cylinder or its anode rod. With that in mind, you should be safe in estimating that you’ll have your new hot water cylinder for almost 20 years.

Once you factor that in, you might view the upfront price of a hot water cylinder as a great investment.

Are you replacing like-for-like or upgrading?

It’s worthwhile considering the different categories of hot water cylinders:

  • low pressure hot water cylinders
  • mains pressure hot water cylinders
  • gas or electric hot water cylinders
  • heat pump hot water cylinders

The experienced team at Regency Plumbing can repair, replace, install any of these types of hot water cylinders. We can give you some options and discuss with you the benefits of upgrading from low pressure to a mains pressure hot water system. We can also help if you decide it’s time to move your hot water cylinder from the cylinder cupboard to outside the house.

Other factors to include

There may be other costs to consider.

  • Do you have an old hot water cylinder that needs to be disassembled, removed and disposed of?
  • Are there tricky connection issues because of what we’re replacing or because of very old plumbing? 

At Regency Plumbing, we’ll give you a price for the entire job, including any additional costs for disassembly, removal, connection, etc. It’s our best practice to be as transparent about pricing as possible.

Special pricing we have available

We’re constantly on the lookout for great prices and savings from manufacturers to pass on to you.

Rheem and Rinnai are the two most popular brands we install. We also service and replace other brands, but most customers in NZ prefer Rheem or Rinnai hot water cylinders.

To give you some ideas of deals we currently have, please refer to our Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinder page and our Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder page.

  • Straight Swap – Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Upgrade = FROM ONLY $1987 INC GST
  • Low Pressure to Mains Pressure to Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Upgrade – FROM ONLY $2987 INC GST
  • Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder Upgrade (Outside) – FROM ONLY $2987 INC GST

Most packages include:

  • A new top-quality Rheem or Rinnai hot water cylinder
  • A new pressure reducing valve (controls pressure)
  • A new isolation valve (essential for maintenance)
  • Quality new brass fittings on inlet and outlet connections
  • And up to $200 including GST of electrical work by our preferred electrician to reconnect the new hot water cylinder.

Additional costs may apply if you require:

  • Additional control valves
  • A line strainer
  • Timber work (door or shelving repairs)
  • Seismic restraints
  • Additional electrical work
  • Additional pipework
  • A larger hot water cylinder
  • A new floor below cylinder due to water damage

*Terms and Conditions apply. When you want to replace a hot water cylinder, we have Packages from as little as $1987, including GST available right now!

If you haven’t done a lot of research into hot water cylinders and would like more information, feel free to give us a call or have a read here for more information about hot water cylinders in NZ.

If you need any help deciding what size and model of hot water cylinder is best for your household, please get in touch with us for a free initial chat. We’d love to help.

4 thoughts on “How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Hot Water Cylinder NZ?

  1. Louise Nixon says:

    I’ve just bought a home in HavelockN and have a low pressure hot water cylinder, the pressure from the hot water is not good and I want to change to a high pressure unit, can you advise approx costs involve, the cylinder is on a concrete floor

    • Regan says:

      Hi Louise
      We are only Auckland based, however providing they can get a drain out suitable for your new mains pressure hot water cylinder, I would expect costs to be about $3000 – $3500 for a job like that. Auckland is very competitive and we are about $3000 if everything goes well.
      Thanks Regan

    • Regan says:

      Hi Shaun, Very happy to provide you a quote for your new hot water cylinder.
      Please just call our office on 0800 PLUMBER | 0800 758 623.
      Thanks Regan

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