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In many suburbs of Auckland where the homes are about 18 – 25 years old the Vulcan Free Loader external gas storage hot water heaters were very common. Rheem have developed a replacement for these called a Rheem Stellar which is actually the most efficient gas storage water heater available in New Zealand. This unit features a twin flue design that pulls the gas heated hot air through the unit twice to recycle and condense the flue gases – maximising efficiency. The Rheem Stellar also has a remarkable flow rate of up to 40 litres per minute, even when the power goes off. This is a perfect solution for the shower with a big shower head, or multiple shower heads which require incopious amounts of water at any one time.

Rheem Stellar – SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS NOW!!! Regency Plumbing are offering you a supplied and installed package deal to have a new Rheem Stellar Gas Hot Water Cylinder installed in your property for just $2987 inc GST

And to make the deal even sweeter, on top of this great price you will also:

  • Receive a FREE Upgrade from a 130 to a 160 model
  • And our package will also include removal of your rusty old cylinder from site for FREE

And they do not require any power so wonderful in a location subject to power failures on a regular basis.

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rheem stellar installed by regency plumbing
rheem stellar vs rheem continuous flow

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