Understanding the Cost of Plumbing Repairs in Auckland

A commonly asked question is, “Why does my plumbing repairs cost so much?”

This is a great question, especially if you’ve been given a quote that’s into the hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. Or, if you’ve just had a job completed and you’re a bit alarmed by the amount charged.

It’s always best where you can to discuss and be aware of the likely charges before the job starts. After the fact can be a difficult conversation for both the customer and plumber.

There’s four key aspects to the pricing of any plumbing job or repair.

  • The first is the time that goes into getting your job, or the plumbing task completed,
  • The second is for the parts or materials themselves,
  • The third is any support materials or equipment used in the process of the repair,
  • And the fourth area is the fixed costs or overheads that the company has to cover.

Most companies charge time and material, or it can be referred to as “Charge Up”

Generally plumbing companies will charge for the time taken to complete the job. This can vary a bit, even for the same, or what would seem to be the same job. However, every job has it’s differences, and these need to be factored in. Also you’ll get variation between different plumbers, styles, views, and different locations in Auckland.

If you’ve chosen a plumber you can trust, a well respected plumbing company like Regency Plumbing, you should have confidence that the price charged will be fair based on the process we follow.

It is important to be aware… when considering the Cost of Plumbing Repairs in Auckland

Also built into the chargeable time, are things which a lot of customers don’t realize. Things like travel time, diagnosis, and paperwork. There’s often a lot more to your job than the 40 minutes spent on site.

Carrying a full specified set of stock in the van

Another way Regency Plumbing save our customers time and money is by carrying a full set of materials in the van. These would be materials that are commonly required for plumbing repairs in Auckland. Having what we need to complete an average job, without having to leave your home, saves time, which saves money.

Parts and Supplies will vary a bit regarding the Cost of your Plumbing Repairs

Yes, plumbing companies mark up the price of parts. Keep in mind though, that this markup also means that reputable plumbers can provide a warranty for their repairs. Also this allows for damaged goods, and wasted materials.

Also, the type or quality of parts used directly affects the bottom-line price. High quality parts tend to be the highest priced, followed by lesser quality, cheaply made materials.

At Regency Plumbing we will only use and install materials, or products, that we can trust. High quality parts will ensure a long lasting quality job.

The cost of additional product and equipment to complete the job

Smaller items like tool use (tools do wear and have to be periodically replaced, tested, and adjusted). Rubbish disposal fees, gas for blow torches, glues, cleaners and sealants are other items that may be used. These items are used, but not seen in a repair or installation. But costs of this nature are built into the job.

Sometimes these items will just be charged as consumables, rather than individually all listed out.

PLUS, worth noting in this current environment we live in, often a significant amount of PPE materials are required on many jobs and have to be on-charged to the customer.

So, there are many costs incurred which go unnoticed often once the plumber has left your site, or property.

And then there can be hire equipment

Examples of this would be a digger, drain unblocker, scaffolding, concrete breaker, etc. Often the job can’t be completed without additional equipment that we just can’t carry on every van.

Cost of Plumbing Repairs in Auckland – Overheads Apply

Regardless of the size of the plumbing company you use, each one has expenses that have to be paid, or recovered by the work generated. There are the obvious ones, like the rent, electricity, heating, water, and other utilities.

But the less obvious and sometimes not realized overheads are the administrative staff, management, business insurance, taxes, vehicles, maintenance, fuel, advertising, stationery, computers, software, and training.

These all have to be recovered, so often you will see a line item that is, or could be a minimum charge, call out, or operating expense. This will no doubt be covering this portion, or this section of cost.

What are the cost of Plumbing Repairs in Auckland, for a company that specializes

A company that specializes in a particular area usually charges higher rates for their service than a general plumber, or plumbing company. You may even find for gas fitting, or a heating technician, a drain unblocker, etc. higher hourly rates will apply, especially in Auckland.

But, worth noting is while a specialist may charge more, this type of company can often be cheaper in the long run. A specialist is more likely to diagnose and repair a problem promptly, fixing the problem in less time and using fewer new parts. Technicians unfamiliar with a problem, or plumbing issue can end up wasting the customer’s money on unnecessary parts and long hours of labor just trying to find a solution.

Of course this is in general and there is no guarantee, because as we noted earlier, every job is different, even if it appears the same at face value.

Hopefully this blog helps you understand a bit more about the cost of plumbing repairs in Auckland.

To finish, be sure to get a professional plumbing company, a plumber you can easily communicate with, someone you can trust, and fingers crossed you’ll be very happy with the price charged for the work you’ve had done, or are getting done for you.

Regency Plumbing is a highly respected, and reputable, professional plumbing company in Auckland, and there rates are fair markets rates for plumbing and gasfitting work in Auckland.

Regency Plumbing – “Turning Mediocrity into Greatness”


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