Cloudy Hot Water – What Causes It?

Many people ask… Why do I have Cloudy Hot Water?

Of course nobody wants to cook or wash dishes using cloudy hot water or milky looking water. The good news is that the problem is usually minor and free of health risks.

So what causes Cloudy Hot Water, and how do you get rid of it?

Water is an interesting substance. Made from two gasses (hydrogen and oxygen), it expands when turned into either a solid or gaseous (steam) state. Not only do minerals become trapped in water, but a wide range of gasses can also be trapped. These tiny air bubbles are the primary reason your water is white or cloudy as it comes out of the tap. As your water heater runs, the molecules in the water expand and trap any other gasses due to pressure. Think of how a bottle of soda holds onto carbonation. When hot tap water is drawn, it’s the same effect as opening that soda. The sudden reduction in pressure allows gas to separate itself and float to the top of your glass or pot, then escape into the air. You can watch this process in action in a clear glass – the water will clear from the bottom up.

Can you expect Cloudy Hot Water after the plumber has been?

The answer is yes.

As the plumber will often turn off the water, open up lines, make repairs, and then turn the water back on again. Air can be trapped in the lines, and as it escapes for a period of days or even weeks sometimes you can find you still get a bit of cloudy hot water. As noted above though it is not harmful to you, just not so appealing to look at when you see it in a clear glass or pot.

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