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Whether you’re adding a new addition to your home, needing plumbing or gas for a complete new home, or replacing worn out pipes in your older home, Regency Plumbing is the one Auckland homeowners call for all their water and gas line installation and repiping needs.

Plumbing Installation - Replacing the old leaking black plastic pipes in your home before you have a big flood!

Repiping is a highly involved process only to be done by the most experienced plumbers. Regency Plumbing’s licensed, highly skilled plumbers have many years of experience to handle any size repiping job. We work with all pipe materials, including Dux Secura, Fusiotherm, Copper and PEX piping.

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Why Do You Need to Repipe?

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There are many reasons why people may need to repipe their home. Low water pressure, rusty water and leaking pipes are just a few of the symptoms of poor quality piping. 

Split Pipes - Once they start to split they will just keep splitting and the fittings will start to burst off.


All homeowners should be aware of the signs of deteriorating pipes, bursting or splitting pipes, and suspect looking joints in your pipework which may cause at the very least a nuicanse, if not a disaster incurring massive cost in damage to your building.
Regency Plumbing choose the Dux Secura plumbing system for repiping of water lines as it proves to be unbeatable in our opinion and comes complete with a 25 year waranty which is great.

In Auckland many homes were originally piped with either galvanized or copper materials, with time leaks and deterioration happen. At Regency Plumbing we like to replace these systems with Dux Secura piping. Regency Plumbing can help evaluate the best solution for your plumbing needs.

At Regency Plumbing we like the Dux Secura system for water repiping because:
Clean – Dux is immune to corrosion and mineral build-up

Efficient – Dux resists condesation in cold water lines and retains heat in hot water lines – saving you money

Guarantee – Dux is backed by a 25 year warranty when Regency Plumbing installs your system – we are Dux Secura trained installers

Quiet – Your Dux system will reduce water noise

Peace of mind - Dux creates a safe, consistent, leak-free plumbing system 

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Gas Line Installation & Repiping

Whether you need a gas line run for an outdoor grill, or new gas appliance, or a gas fireplace, Regency Plumbing’s highly trained plumbers and gas fitters can provide a safe and reliable gas service for any need around your house.

Your natural gas or LPG system delivers gas to appliances requiring gas as a fuel source, such as dryers, water heaters, outdoor gas grills, both outdoor and indoor gas fired fireplaces, built-in outdoor gas grills, and water heaters.

Most gas systems in Auckland are made of galvanized steel materials. As homes age it’s important to replace leaking and corroded LPG or natural gas piping.  At Regency Plumbing we replace aging gas piping with copper or a flexible piping system.

Whether you are adding a new a gas outdoor grill or replacing existing gas pipes, call Regency Plumbing for a professional evaluation and prompt installation.

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