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Welcome to Regency Plumbing, and thank you for considering Regency Plumbing for your next project. I am sure you will find without exception, if you choose Regency Plumbing to complete your plumbing and gas fitting work, you will experience an unparalleled level of service like you have never experienced before.

Regency Plumbing is a ‘World Class Plumbing Company’ passionate about turning Mediocrity into Greatness

Actually... Here's why hundreds of people use Regency Plumbing every month?

"Because we promise to deliver to you a plumbing experience that will exceed your expectations"

The Regency Plumbing promise...

  We will use the very best team of plumbers and support personnel we can employ to solve your plumbing and gas fitting problems.

We will complete your job as quickly and efficiently as we can,

We will complete your job with no fuss and mess,

We will complete your job for the same price that was agreed upon... (no unwanted surprises)

And we will be at your job at the time agreed... GUARANTEED!

The History of Regency Plumbing...

Regency Plumbing was founded by Regan Frost in May 1998.

Regan tells the story of how it all began…

regan frost - bathroom specialist - owner of regency plumbing“I hadn’t long started my apprenticeship in plumbing and gas fitting and came to realize very quickly that plumbers were referred to as rude and obnoxious rip off merchants who turn up late, if at all, with their backsides hanging out of their trousers. What a career highlight. As you can imagine this was just what you wanted to hear when you were a young apprentice plumber thinking you had made an illustrious career choice in plumbing”. “The interesting part is despite this comment, it was obvious to me from a very young age, there would be a wonderful opportunity to change this perception people had about what a plumber was like, and what they do each day”. “I felt I could open the eyes of our customers, and show them we do a whole lot more than just unplug toilets. We could demonstrate that in fact sometimes we were rather classy tradesman. There for sure was a real lack of plumbers and tradesman who delivered exceptionable levels of service, were well presented, and had the real street-smart skills required to run a great business. There were very few if any who acted as professionals like doctors and lawyers, so it was my purpose and desire to build a world class plumbing company that would be committed to raising the profile of what people perceived plumbers to be”. “I passionately wanted people to believe that we really were professionals, we really could impress people, and we were not just rough, untidy, tradesman that failed to keep to our word, ripped people off, didn't clean up, were always late, and when we finally did turn up arrived with our backside hanging out of our trousers”.

So, thanks for considering us for your next project, and I personally guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our team and the work they complete for you.

And now, almost 20 years later, I sincerely hope that you experience service far more amazing than you ever have before.

My kindest regards,

Regan Frost

CEO Regency Plumbing Limited

Vision Statement

To be a World Class Plumbing Company - Turning mediocrity into greatness.

Mission Statement

Regency Plumbing is dedicated to offering the highest quality plumbing and gas fitting services which will exceed the expectation of their clients today, and in the future.
Without exception, to their clients they will be honest, reliable, and dependable. In every aspect, they will be polite, and courteous, showing outstanding manners.
Any products or services they offer will be world class and value for money.
Every day in every way Regency Plumbing will strive to offer an unparalleled level of excellence in everything we do.

Quality and Customer Service

Customers are the most important people in our business.We appreciate that customers are not an interruption to our business, they are the purpose of it and they do us a favor every time they call, so we will always deal with all our customers in the most courteous, pleasant and friendly manner we possibly can to ensure we meet your every need.
We will strive to complete every job to the highest possible quality. We are very conscious our reputation depends on how we deliver to you.
We want to make sure you are so impressed you tell everyone how amazing we are.

Finally, we thank you again for checking us out online, and we hope you choose Regency Plumbing to complete your project.


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