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Are you starting to feel a nip in the air? Winter is approaching fast.

Can you imagine never being cold again?

We have a great heating solution for you, especially if you already have a Rinnai contiuous flow gas hot water heater on your home.


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Rinnai iheat

The Rinnai iHeat is a ducted home heating system that uses hot water from your Rinnai Infinity continuous flow water heater to warm the air and circulate it around your home. The system also has the ability to be zoned allowing you to only heat the areas you are using.

The Rinnai Infinity provides hot water to the iHeat air handler unit (heat exchanger). The heat exchanger extracts the heat from the hot water and transfers it to a steady stream of air. This air is fed into the ducting system and is distributed into each room.

The Rinnai iHeat is approved by the Asthma Foundations Sensitive Choice programme and comes with features that may reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction for customers with asthma or allergies.

Rinnai iheat provides a solution for home heating that is fast and efficient.

With the same high efficiency as your Rinnai Infinity continuous flow water heater and heat output of 20 kW, the Rinnai iHeat will quickly heat your home.